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Territory close1-26-13
Once i Returned State Side with the knowledge of who I truly am, the first order of business is getting the hobbit hole fortified and ready for anything. As i mentioned before, the hobbit hole is aptly named. Granddad built it so that it was mostly underground. In a south facing hillside the door isn’t round like Bagend but there is a row a re-enforced glass windows that fill the front rooms with plenty of morning sunlight. The front rooms are mostly greenhouse and selerium, with solar panels lining the upper part of the outer walls. Hotwater plumbing is directed through the solar panel system to provide low energy hot water. This was one of grand-pa’s Buckminster Fuller inspired ideas. The rest of the house is equipped rather spaciously. I haven’t been in his house in years and this is the first time that i have actually lived here. I set out to equip the place with full surveillance night vision cameras, IR, and perimeter security.

- I have met the local pack of Uratha, they seem to be in the entertainment business with a rather decent night life spot on burke street. Looks like they’re giving the ol’ hangout across the street a run for their money. They all seem like good enough guys. One of ‘em happens to be an old student from a while back. As i recall his dad was a senator or something. It figures, otherwise there would have been no way in hell he would have gotten into Wake, typical trust fund baby. The other guys all have their stories i’m sure. There’s a jarhead who seems as unhinged as the standard grunt is expected to be. The fat guy seems to be the oldest and then there’s the spik. Granted he’s from porto rico, but what-the-fuck-ever. I’m sure he’s got a few good stories. They have themselves a hole heap of shit to deal with. Kind of surprising that my hometown is so full of creepy shit. I heard there’s a tick in my backyard. The guys seems to know him from the conversations we’ve had. Also, we got a pretty damn big Pure problem. Some elder wolf, apparently the jarhead’s daddy or something. Other than that just some other uppity uratha who think that their flea’s don’t bite. I’d throw a dog knot up that one southern bell’s ass just to show her who’s top dog. Maybe later. One thing I’ve learned since this whole dog show biz got dumped in my life is you never know who can whip your ass, well, I can usually sniff out the assholes from the bad asses.

This pack I’m running with, who needs a god damn name, has a parrot or some shit as a mascot. Whatever, he likes shiny shit, so I’ll play nice and build him a nice little bird bath in the front yard. Make it out of brass and toss some of grandad’s antique watches and rings in it. Maybe it’ll make him like me. Speaking of Totems. I am going to drive over to the armory on Silas Creek and see if what war spirits are hanging out there. It would be fucking sweet if Ol’ boom stick and i would reconnect. The old girl’s armor plating was like a baby blanket.

Once i get shit settled I’ll go back to Wake forest and talk to the Provost and see if they’re interested in me returning as a humanities, or foreign affairs professor. It would be interesting to teach a class on counselling civilian war survivors on how to deal with PTSD and the loss of family and friends. The world is falling the fuck apart. But sometimes the best way to learn is to teach.
I’m repprting the GMC stolen. Should get about 30k if the insurance pays in full.

Regarding the Aslu issue, I imagine some damn one in the building noticed huge fucking spiders running around. If not then they’re stupid or they know and like it. At any rate. I am going to gather the floor plans on the place and see who owns the building. I am going to make a phone call to Triad Commercial, the property owners.

I will hide my outgoing phone number.
“Hello, I am with the Forsyth County animal control offices. The downtown area from 100 north main street to Trade street is under investigation for an influx of pests from the recent construction that is going on around the highway 52 area. We would like to investigate your building for signs of infestation ranging from rats, racoons, roaches and other disease carrying vermin. This investigation is mandatory and is of no charge to your company. We appreciate the cooperation while we continue to make Winston Salem a healthy environment for it’s people. We will be sending out teams of pest control agents within the next few weeks. Please inform your lobby staff and building management of their expected arrival. Thank You.” I’ll look up surrounding buildings and make the same phone call.

I"m also going to call the Forsyth county animal control, (hiding my outgoing number) “this is Triad Commercial Properties, we received a call about an inspection and confirmed with the agent that we will be expecting their visit. Thank you for your service.”

Oh one last thing. Fuck Elder wolf, that asshole owes me a new truck, in the mean time i’m buying a HMMWV

February 10th, 2013

Operation Templeton

The enemy has taken up residency in the Wells Fargo building. They are guarding a keystone of a locus in the building. This locus could be a source of vital power and lead to renoun for the young pack. This could also lend to earning the pack’s offical name and place among our sister packs.

According to the Recon data there was a infestation on the lower floors. The entire space is filled with dangerous webbing and many possible chances to fall prey to the aslu.

several options have been presented to how to deal with this situation. A certain amount of aslu in a given area may be acceptable for maintaining balance in the gauntlet.

BEFORE this plan is executed more recon of the area is needed. We know of the tower but are there nests like this one?

The short of the plan is as follows

  • Set the trap.
  • Lay the bait.
  • Evacuate and burn.
  • Close the gate.
  • Cleanup.

Set the trap.

We attempt to gain access through the guise of being a pest control team of exterminators we arrive at night after hours and tape off all the areas that we have determined are infested. We will also plug ventilation shafts so we can direct the air flow.

I will contact Mega and see if she would be interesting in spearheading a hacking operation to obtain access to the air conditioning controls in the wells fargo building. By sectioning off the building we will create zones of activity. Also, we will be able to control the levels of concentration of gas.

Once the zoning is complete then we pipe into the air duct system and with Maga at the controls we can communicate with her via satellite phones. I will give her a set as a gift for her service.

Also, I will buy one for each of the pack mates. Check out the Video!!

By using this method we can keep track of one another’s locations and also communitate with Mega so she can open and close ventilation shafts and blowing units.

Also, a quick description of the mist delivery system. The main tank will be fed to a pressure pump that ends in an atomizer nozzle. The spray will be blown into a rat cage fan connected and sealed to a delivery hose that will connect into the air conditioning systems. The truck team will be in control of the pressure and Mega will control direction. And wind speed with the secondary building fans.

Lay The Bait
Bentley and Scott will be the runners To deliver Flash Bang and Tear Gas bombs. We will be fitted with professional welder’s goggles and a respirators. Well will advance to a point where we can deliver the payload and still make a reasonable escape. The two will be a formidable pair should they encounter a fight.

Evacuate and Burn.
We will fall back after the delivery and assist in perimeter control. As the insertion team is evacuating the extermination team is preparing for first burn. The first burn will be a solid heavy blast of sulfuric mist that will start to melt away the silken webs as well as anything else organic. It is imperrative to be out of the blast zone before the fog rolls in. The insertion team would be wise to have their equipment bonded to them so in case of the need to shift the equipment comes with you.

Close the Gate
Alister will be positioned at close to the keystone as possible to turn off the keystone. We will make every effort to put him outside of the blast zones. When the aslu attack if he Is inside the building IF need be the insertion team and respond to Alister’s call for assistance. The second Wave to acid fog will be the second blast to kill off what might have survived the first blast.

Clean up

Jeremy is partolling the perimeter of the area to pick off escaping aslu during the first burn. The pack will contain any escaping aslu. When the last aslu come out of the blast zone. When the second burn is complete the pack will move in for cleanup. We eliminate the remining aslu as we pick out ways through the remians of the building. Keep all channels open and IMMEDIATELY report in if larger threats still are present. The larger presences will be evaluated and dealt with in the order of threat levels.

Alpha : Imminant danger and possible pack casualities are at he top of that threat range.
Beta : Large sized possibly a queen but still from a relative distance.
Gamma: Smaller surviving packs of aslu.


Journal Entry. Operation Templeton was a success although the other packs experienced grave losses. The aslu are routed and The Pure pack Spirit was destroyed, or so it seems. I was heavily injured during the operation and was nearly counted among the dead. This past experience has made me realize just how fragile this pack really is. Under the protection of the Dire Wolves things got hot but until the very end they weren’t as precarious as things are now. I am spending the next few nights in the wild in urshal form to reconnect with my Rahu nature. I realize that i have relied too heavily upon on the technology of my human half and have perhaps left my Uratha nature suffer for it. The Rahu needs to feed and i need to see to it that the next battle doesn’t end so badly. Jeremy has informed me that there are those that are suspicious of his under cover cop routine and though be may be paranoid, the truth is we sometimes need to be. I must plan our next mission carefully and stick to the plan. In preparation for the next battle I am only eating what i hunt in the wild as my wolf nature intends. Bright eyes has apparently become a more formidable totem for this pack, and apparently expects us to take the eyes of fallen enemies killed in combat. I"m not sure how i feel about that. But whatever. Walt is at my place convalescing from allowing Alistair to pull out his own eyeballs. yeah sure they grow back, but what the fuck man! He’s now just a useless couch potato until his shit grows back, I’m still not sure what he’s good for other than a meat shield.

I also will make a few calls to anyone that i might know in the ATF or other agency and ask them what they know about heightened gang activity especially pertaining to gun smuggling. Much like myself many of my former army compatriots are now working in other capacities.

I am also checking in with WFU to see about upcoming openings for teaching slots in the next semester.


The past few battles have been pretty rough. I’ve taken multiple injuries, as well as contacted some sort of disease from a weapon carried by some sort of Japanese demon or ghost. I barely know anything about these things and the rest of the pack, for the exception of Alister seems to not know much else. I have received intel about a large smuggling operation from a CIA contact that we are on the trail of discovering, this could lead to the down fall of a mobster by the name of Rana Arania. I need to get my shit together with my health so that I don’t fall in battle again. These Aslu much be worshiping a luck spirit or something because i keep getting my ass handed to me. I don’t really know the other packs too well, nor do i really trust them all that much. I hope that i can reestablish contact with the Lodge of Swords soon. I am going to go to the Army Reserve base and see if i can fond any of my former Pack Mates or other Uratha that i know that served in the Armed Forces that was Affiliated with the Lodge of Swords. I am sure that someone in my lodge may have some answers on what this is or how to cure it. I’m sure there’s some sort of Rirual that cures supernatural illnesses. In the meantime I will continue to study my Rahu nature and pursue my purity of the Uratha.

I will also go to Wake forest baptist Hospital and get some blood work done to see if this is anything discernible to modern science.


We think that we have destroyed Rana Arauna but i am a bit skeptical, we either got luck as hell or it was a decoy. She did seem to have a pretty serious fetish, or something as a belt that became a whip.

I still haven’t heard anything regarding the Lodge of Swords or how i am to reconnect with my tribe members.

I will attempt to talk to some of the other packs and try to learn more about fetishes and what i need to acquire one.

The japanese demon spirit is still at large with no leads. This spiritual shit is out of my wheel house and all I can really do is wait to kill something.

Player Journal

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