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Winston-Salem might not seem impressive in terms of Western city-scape, but is a perfect middle ground between rural and urban development for Uratha culture to thrive. Spirits of mountains, horses, and trees grate against those of concrete, cars and buildings while a few spirits such as coyotes and crows thrive all over. Nature and city spirits struggle to balance their respective power in the Shadow realm, spilling over into the mundane world. The Tribes of the Moon have plenty of room to hunt those spirits that step too far into the “real world”, but must be careful themselves of the Pure Tribes who would hunt them in turn.

The story so far:

Two hapless men discover that the world is stranger than they knew; and, they are changing to match its weirdness. A brutal attack lands our protagonists in a world of uncertainty. After an unnaturally brief recovery from their recent injuries, the newly formed pack is shown a shadow of the world full of unruly spirits that they are expected to keep in line. After getting the lay of the land in their newly-minted territory, one ambitious pack member begins setting up favorable conditions for a future local hot spot. The pack comes into conflict with a potent spirit of disease and makes a show of strength. The local spirits know that the Uratha are ready to bring the hammer down on anyone who steps too carelessly.

A diplomatic spirit tells the pack of a person vanishing, which turns out to be an epidemic in the area. They run into a carnivorous Duguthim, but let it live against their alpha’s initial judgment. The missing people issue seems to have started in Pure territory, bringing the pack face-to-face with their enemies among the People. After fighting a spirit and Uratha from before their First Change, the pack learns of a spider Shartha driven from the territory. The pack Cahalith gains glory for facing the Pure down and the Ithaeur learns a ritual to help deal with the Azlu problem, which leads to some awkwardness with the authorities.

In exchange for acquired ritual knowledge, the pack agrees to keep a man— who has strange ties to an addiction spirit—away from a ward of another pack’s Ithaeur.
The man turns out to be a vampire looking to grow his stable; and, the pack members are attacked at their homes by gang members. While struggling to clean up after themselves, the pack finds a new member and lets slip some personal information to the vampire. They dig up another vampire and finally manage to bury the evidence of their recent deeds.

During the local fair, the pack encounters a group of spirit pirates and their ship that can enslave ghosts. The resulting fight keeps the ship from draining their loci dry, leaving them with a powerful spirit with which they must deal.

Other local Uratha help the pack forge a fetish from the ship-spirit, after which the pack suffers a brutal attack and its harrowing consequences. Not to be deterred from their goals, they throw an epic party with booze and memory loss. One of the pack wanders off on his own.

A new werewolf enters the area and helps them hunt down a skin-stealing murderer while seeking a pre-Change Uratha. They find that the killer is stalking the young werewolf and find them both just in time to brawl over the fate of the latter with the skin-stealer and the legendary Elder Wolf. The pack accepts a new member.

They have a gathering with the other Forsaken packs to discuss mutual problems. After securing the aid of the other packs, they learn how bad the Azlu issue has grown.

Home Page

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