Anima Threshold

Siege Poisonous and the Riddle of Lead

The group received the call. The Leaning Fortress and Zathu Dulesh’na were engaging Elder Wolf and separating the Pure from their totem Purity-of-True-Fury. This was the distraction they needed to cover their assault on the azlu hiding in the Wells-Fargo building.

Scott had done much of the preparation by gathering weaponry from his personal arsenal, buying a secure communications network, getting Mega to set up a security-cracking program, and planning the specifics of the raid. The pack would enter the building under the guise of an extermination company, seal off the infested floors and wipe out the azlu with a combination of organic-disintegrating acid and cyanide gas. Jeremy managed to acquire the necessary chemicals and equipment through lies and other extralegal means.

Bentley, having had plenty of interaction with the spirits aligning around his bar, tried to convince them to rally around the building to create a distraction for the spirits there. After talking to the spirit Burke and offering up a large dose of Essence as chiminage to the various intoxication and celebrant spirits, he managed to inspire them to create a chaotic party atmosphere surrounding the Wells-Fargo building. His end goal was to distract the workling spirits that regularly file in and out of the building and maintain its spiritual security, to which he made decent strides. He also secured the pack’s appointment there upon learning that another appointment had already been made by real exterminators after Scott’s first communications with the impersonated company and the Wells-Fargo building security.

Once inside, Aleister was to shut the Locus down to prevent the azlu from escaping in the Shadow and lock out the Pure from entering their territory directly.

Walt led the pack in moving unobtrusively through the building in order to avoid detection by worklings connected to the security system. Once they reached the area of azlu influence, they began setting up a “hot box” for the acid burn phase of the assault. Bentley and Scott tossed flash grenades into the nest to rile them, and the former taunted them into giving quick chase. Meanwhile, Aleister and Walt hid and covered the exits, while Jeremy activated the gas and watched for azlu from outside the building.

The first wave of azlu—eight or so—were quickly and painfully dissolved in the stairwell along with their webbing. Moving the hot box further down, the webbing became thicker and the azlu assault complemented with automatic gun fire. A massive azlu used a fear-based Gift to drive off most of the pack after their protective suits were shredded in the firefight, grabbing Aleister in a death grip as his skin began to melt away. Aleister entered Kuruth and fled, skin sloughing off from the acid. They had killed another three azlu.

After recovering, the pack switched to breathing apparatuses and airborne poison. With most of their protective gear destroyed, they could not risk relying on acid for further encounters. They found an ambush waiting for them, but got the drop on their attackers and stunned them with a flash grenade. The azlu were wearing the protective equipment of another extermination team that had not made it out, but the pack quickly stripped them of it while they were stunned. The azlu were reduced to holding their breath to avoid a poisonous death. Still, they put up a hell of a fight when they recovered. Three of the giant azlu jumped Scott and nearly killed him with their poisons, while Aleister and Walt were thoroughly shot up. The pack prevailed, but Scott was in horrible shape after having his lungs and several other organs thoroughly ventilated with bullets. They retreated further into the building after killing something like eighteen azlu, but Scott was crippled and the Locus was not yet sealed.



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