Walt Steiner's Player Journal


The other packs have given me some hints about their plans. I’ve made Mega promise to keep in touch during the big distraction, since Scott is giving her one of the satellite communicators. I don’t know how well they’ll do against Elder Wolf, but Peter has been busy cranking out Talens after Mega’s latest vision. I wish Bentley had a portion of her clarity when it came to the interpretation portion of things. She thinks one of the packs is going to suffer… anyway.

BĂȘte’s pack wants to pin down Purity-of-True-Fury. I know it’s a fierce spirit, but if it goes away the Red-Stained Palm will lose a lot of fight. I think there is no other way to keep Elder Wolf from killing us off one by one.

Bright-Eyes has been to the mountains, “looking for the perfect murder” as he says. If I can get him to go along with me on this, the pack will be stronger for it and Bright-Eyes will finally invest the way he did with Crux Mercurial. He tells me the mountain flock will support us for a sacrifice. I don’t know how literal that is supposed to come over.

Walt Steiner's Player Journal

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