Jeremy Ruiz's Player Journal

Between Game Character Interaction Sheet #1 (10/1/12)

Well I met the no named pack in Winston. I have to say they seem a bit out of touch with what happens in the real world. How can you not care what happens around your home or what happens when you just wantonly kill gang members. Walt lets the others run their own way too much for their age. Its going to get them killed. Seriously. Mega seemed strange, yet fuckable. Gotta try not to make a habit of thinking that too much, could be a problem. Bentley, is as sharp as a dull spoon, not just a spoon. sometimes some good stuff clicks in his head I can see if but then his mouth opens. I think I can temper him into an effective pack member. Aleister has a brain, and he uses it some. But he has just slightly more control then Bentley and the compassion of a hand grenade. Walt just scolds them like a disappointed parent. Weakness. I have an idea to make this bar work. It will be hard to pull off but it may be possible if i can keep my all too tasty foot out of my mouth while on the job.

OOC action:

Jeremy is going to be meeting up with the local gangs in the area, Latino, White, Black, supernatural (if possible), to see where everyone stands and where he can fit in. He will try to get his name around that he is new and has a skill set that may be of use to said gangs. He will make a concerted effort to remain away from his kid and former lover’s place checking for its safety and goings on. He will also begin to get a feel for the police and their routines, there might be one with enough brains and balls to be of help with his plan. He will also begin praticing playing his flute in the shadow near the locus seeing if he can make something that sounds more like music. He will also seek out the other Bone Shadow and see if there is any Tribe business needing attention. It will be a busy time for Jeremy.

Between Game Character Interaction Sheet #2 (10/7/12)

Wow my pack mates are some stubborn people, I mean oh my god are they stubborn. I never would have thought of the Irraka as the we must kill all threats kind of guy and Aleister as they one who wouldn’t listen to reason. I see now why I was sent here to mediate this pack. Not that I am always the most rational, but everyone is so headstrong about doing what they want that there is little room for discussion. To tell the truth though Aliester is very correct about the Pure but the Azlu threat is a mush bigger problem to our territory. Either way Kathy was a bit too hurt by his impertenence. I mean he is a hunter in darkness and they aren’t the most friendly of tribes about something they feel strongly about.

OOC: Jeremy will be tracking down all the Loci in the area to at least see what they are and what spirit controls them. Taking them may happen later. He will also be making contact with the local gangs and hopefully trying to join or become a player in the structure of a few. He will be introducing the bar idea as well.(is ok if you want to roleplay this) He will also be checking the area around his son and woman’s abode to make sure it is secure as well as the activity of spirits and gangs in that area. Finally he will be making contacts with the big local spirits and doing favors for them to get any favors he can that may need to be used later.

Character Interaction Sheet #3 (10/14/12)

The fair has become one of the scariest places I have ever seen. The unwashed masses and death defying rides took a back seat to that insanity. Where did a spirit like that originate and how on earth can it manipulate ghosts in such a manner. I have no idea and as far as I can tell no one else does either. Walter is crazy and sticks his neck out far too much. Those Iron Masters mean it when they protect their territory and all in it. It’s almost sad. I have got to figure out what to do with that ship, it’s too dangerous to let go. And quite frankly, a little sad; all it wants is a master. I think we should oblige it. I will have to see if a fetish can be made where it gets what it wants and we can get what we need.

OOC: Jeremy will be digging up what he can about fetishes and what they can be made to do. He will also be trying to figure out all the ships capabilities. Furthermore he will be contacting the Fetish master in the area to see what can be done and what it will cost. Also he will be looking into the Reyna Arania person and scouting the territory in the shadow looking for more webs. He is convinced the Azlu are not gone. He will be using the ship to aid him to speed his search and keep the ship placated. And if any extra time comes up he will be moving the remodeling and design forward in the bar.

Ideas for fetish:
ghost restraint device: Can upon confronting a ghost remove them from the twilight and restrain them with spirit chains. They can be recalled to be questioned, but remain with the fetish as its surrogate crew. Can hold 5 or so ghosts.

Shadow Transport: Upon activation fetish forms ship and is used as transport for set time before being dispersed back into fetish, unless persons or ghosts act as its crew, lengthening its time out of fetish.

Social Enhancer: Wearer of fetish always has the wild wind swept appeal of a care free soul who goes anywhere and does what they want. Smells of a fresh ocean breeze and has the appearance of a terrible Typhoon. Character receives +2 social to positive or negative rolls, cannot be taken at the same time or activation of the fetish. Such is the beauty, danger, and fickle nature of the sea.

Combat enhancer: Through its excellent use of cannonade and martial weapons aboard, the fetish allows the user to either summon a martial weapon from its stores aboard making a quick retrieval in a tight spot and lending a bonus to its use(+1 weaponry), or lends through its experience as a master cannonier a +3 firearms bonus.

Character Interaction Sheet #4 (10/24/12)

So yeah how can I start this. The Pure in the area may be just as crazy as Aleister believes they are. One gave himself a aggrivated wound and then when they were transporting him, set off a bomb and forced Aleister to fight him in the rubble. Aleister killed this Uratha and as an act of Honor we took the body back to the Pack. We were able to have the meeting go on without much problem and from there headed back into our territory. Walt spoke with me about being tired and possibly stepping down from Alpha. I don’t blame him much, but I will gladly take that role its what drives us all in our blood. Plus maybe dad will be proud wherever he is.

OOC: Jeremy will be checking out the spirit and real world around his child and woman’s house. He will be continuing to speak with any spirits he can and learn their hierarchy. He will be asking around the local gangs where Reyna Arannia’s turf is and where they spend most of their time.

Character Interaction Sheet #5 (10/25/12)

You know Bentley has to be the unluckiest person I know. Yet somehow he pulled living from the most ridiculous death I have ever heard of. I was right about there being more Azlu in town and its most likely that Raina Arania woman. Also the pure are continuing to get into our territory and working with or moving the spiders as pawns. Also some people from DC have decided to mess with my new job. I have to protect my street cred its essential.

OOC: Jeremy will be talking with each of his gang members finding out what they heard and proving it wrong. He will also be confronting the ones making the rumors with force if necessary. Also he will be tracking the spiders in the shadow and making sure the bar opens on time and with no hitches.

Character Interaction Sheet #6 (11/15/12)

So we planned an amazing opening for the bar and all seemed to be going great until the night started in full. The norms seemed to have a great time and Troy even looked interested. We all dressed up and then it started going bad. The Pure came and we talked about Aliester, then a thug from my past showed up and I made a deal with TRADE. I lost something but not sure what. Then Aliester leaves in a huff and I find out he’s possibly related to the Elder wolf.

OOC: Jeremy will be checking on Aliester and trying to find out what is going on. Continuing taking care of the spirits in the area. Practicing his flute. Cleaning up his gang image with the gangs.

Character Interaction Sheet #7 (1/9/13)

So we now have a twice blessed pack at least probationaly. Scott wandered in to the bar and we spoke for awhile, he seemed cool and was from here. The out of the blue Aleister wanders up and says the pure have been keeping him captive and that the Elder wolf has been proecting his job. We also find that a college kid is probably changing and run to wake forest and try to make that go smoothly. Long and the short people are getting killed there and the kid is in danger.

OOC: Not much to say about this we stopped during game time, so yeah lol

Character Interaction Sheet #8 (1/15/)13)

I can’t believe we aren’t all dead! The elder wolf has got the biggest set of balls I have ever heard of. He took a truck to the face and a flying Garou bite Bomb and walked away. I can’t believe it. I feel very bad for the kid but when the nuke move doesn’t work, what the fuck else is there? Anyway we are all alive and I think the pure may be a bit scared of how well we did.

OOC: Jeremy will be trying to trace the movements of the Pure and keep them contained and planning the assault on the Moon locus. He will also be letting the surrounding packs know about the new arrivals.

Character Interaction Sheet #9 (4/3/13)

Aliester was down and out again. That ninja thing really did a number on him. We tracked the spiders to a meeting they seemed to be having before the gun buy. The rest of the pack moved in and dealt with them. I thought we as were-creatures were viscious, but they even took over an infant, that’s sick. Eat it, fine, kill it, fine, but fill it with spiders. Thats just disgusting. Scott was jacked up a bit and I tested my vest out quite well. We seem to be making head way on the infestation I think. Well I hope. Gonna destroy them all, dammit!!!

OOC: Jeremy is going to be taking care of the wounded pack as best he can and preparing to bust this deal wide open with as many dead spiders as possible. He will be trying to get in touch with Aliester to get him with the pack for the show down and hopefully heal scott into battle worthy action again. As much as he doesn’t want to he is going to call Mega and ask her to watch for any money changing hands electronically. Don’t want any of this to go badly and hell I kinda need my job back.

Character Interaction Sheet#10 (5/20/13)

The reading of Peter’s will was very eventful. He had such a great time reading and understanding those he knew. I was given his watch fetish that records moments in time. It showed me the fight with elder wolf and I think I can make out how he defends himself. This knowledge is invaluable, but it came with the cost of seeing Peter’s death through his eyes. He was a true example of what Uratha should be. I was able to get back into my job and calm my boys down, so life has slowed a bit. Though the upcoming confrontation with Elder wolf will be a challenge.

OOC: Jeremy will be watching the Elder wolf vision and trying the learn all he can about his movements. He will also try holding his tongue around his boss. Using any sway that I have with spirits in the area I would like to hear if they have any knowledge about Uratha when they become powerful and if there is a way they have heard of that could contain them. I will of course follow my Tribe ban and pay appropriate chimerage. I will try to make up with Mega. I know being near is like a poison that could be very dangerous but something in my mind will not let me leave a pain I caused from being solved. I will talk to her and make offers of service to hopefully smooth over any rough spots in our relationship. Also,I will be helping Alister to finish his spirit alert system. Lastly I will try to keep my word and be home more for my kid and woman.

Character Interaction Sheet #11 (6/27/13)

We haven’t heard much in the past month or so and I am truly glad. There has been way too much heat on us constantly and we finally finished licking our wounds. Elder Wolf, Spider Queen, Death Ninja Ghost. This place is a damn hell hole. I have been meditating on what the ban on my tribe means and I have begun to rethink some things. I know it sounds corny but hey people change and I am not going to be played for a fool. The forbidden fruit has haunted my dreams and my life. I can’t stop seeing her. When I sleep, when I jerk off, when I fuck my girl; they all become her. I have got to clear my head or its gonna be bad. Either way this respite should have really helped the boys calm a bit.

OOC: Jeremy will be against better judgement interacting with Mega more often. Not pushing anything but very present. He will be continuing to move earth and whatnot in the spirit world to get the horses a through point under the road. Well a few if possible. He is making a concerted effort to spend time with his “kid”. He is very upset that a certain memory set was taken and is very interested in destroying local trade. He is developing a program to get bangers to work in the bar and see how much safer a life without crime can be. He is going to try molding the gang into a more pro-neighborhood organization with emphasis on making the neighborhood safer and cleaner than destroying it.

Character Interaction Sheet #12 (7/11/13)

Mogoth, the amalgum of two disparate spirits that become a combination spirit with not rightful place in our world. Something is making them inhabit people, its probably this death spirit that the others thought they dealt with but were wrong. Father wolf is still out there too. This place is driving me nuts, there is never any damn rest. Furthermore, that damn nagging lust in the back of my head is driving me nuts. I know I shouldn’t but I’m gonna go talk top mega some more.

OOC: Jeremy will be spending time working on changing that landscape and sealing the deal with the horse spirits. He will also be stopping by Mega’s house. He isn’t intending to do anything while there but he is not going to stop what happens. He will also be spending time with his family and the gang making both feel that they are getting his time.

Jeremy Ruiz's Player Journal

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