Bentley Davenport's Player Journal

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Character Journal (10/19/2012)
I started my day off like I usually do these days; dropping some mad dealage, making that paper, living that life, and touching base with my boy Phil to tell him the good news. Why do people even try to go to school or work shitty office jobs when there’s jobs like this? It amazes me how stupid most people are. Anyway, Phil says I gotta go talk to Taco…Tonto…Taki…that intense Japanese guy I work for. I was gonna, but then shit got complicated. Al got jumped by some punk-ass Pure, and me and Jeremy hit the scene up after it had gone down. Not only did I jump over like 8 buildings, but I cleared out all the rubble from a bridge that had gotten blown up and had pinned Al. My pack is so lucky to have me. Turns out Al killed the guy, and now we had to give the body back to them because it’s the honorable thing to do, I guess. I mean, I’ve killed a lot of people in the past year, but this really seemed to bother Al, hmm. Anyway, we got everything ready, and Mr. trenchcoat mafia was in position with his rifle in case shit went sour. Two of them showed up, and that wolf thing that I thought we killed, but I guess it doesn’t work like that. And wouldn’t you know it, fucking Jessica is there. She is so not over me, like to the point that it’s almost sad. She gave me some shit about how I’m dumb for not being on her side, but look at all the stuff I have and everything I’ve accomplished. Long story short, I’m Bentley D, she’s not, and she’ll just have to get over it.

Character Journal (10/19/2012)
I finally get an honest job and look what happens. I showed up to the bank where Takimoto chillaxes, and the cleaning lady starts giving me shit about having blood on my hands or something. I thought she was just being weird but she was right. Then Phil starts wigging out about this and that, and we go in to find out that Takimoto has been ripped up about as bad as I rip my muscles in the gym. Seriously, that bad. Phil was being a pussy about it and we shared a kind of weird tasting drink, but before I had time to worry about it we were getting attacked by a…spiderey thing? I mean, he was a spider, but there was some human in there too. Anyway, I told this spider to come down from the ceiling so I could kick it’s ass, and it was smart enough to do as I said, but it brought it’s loser friends along too. I was ready to take them all, but I guess Al really wanted to shoot something, so he helped out too from another building. He’s been acting weird lately, and now he’s in trouble at work. I’ve really got to teach that guy how to turn his swag on, Bentley style. So anyway, after we killed all the spider dorks, Phil tells me he’s sorry, takes on Garou form, and throws me out the building. Uh, I don’t remember a lot after that, but next thing I know, I’m having another trippy dream again. I’m in a pit filled with wolf bones (I bet Al would have liked it) and this bigass wolf named Skullfuck or something is telling me I’m not doing a good job as a Storm Lord and that I’ve been weak. Uh, dude, I fell out of a building and LIVED. I kicked my ex girlfriend’s ass! I’ve killed more gangbangers than I can count on one hand! Jesus, this dude reminds me of my dad, what a nag. But Skullfuck will be happy to know that the next time I see Phil he’ll be the one who’s sorry, sorry he ever thought about fucking with the BWOC. (The big wolf on campus. That’s me.)

Character Journal (10/31/2012)
All of the problems I’ve had to deal with, all of my trials and tribulations, have built up to this. When people found out that Bentley Davenport, Mr. Hollywood himself, was opening up the premier hotspot in Winston-Salem, they couldn’t believe it. I understand why. With everything I’ve already accomplished, most would think I would just kick back and take it easy, but that’s not how B-Dawg rolls. I gotta say, except for a few wrinkles here and there, and the whole “being financed by drug cartels” thing, the grand opening of my bar was a huge success, as expected. Even grumpy old Al showed up, or at least I thought it was him, turns out there’s some fuckery going on there, oh well. But then shit got real when Phil showed up. I should have known that nutless pussy would show has face at the only possible time when I couldn’t rearrange it. He tried to spout off some shit about how he got the best of me and was trying to teach us a lesson, but all I could hear was “oh Bentley, please kick my ass, I have really bad fashion sense and it was totally cool when you boned my sister that time”. Well, he’s right, that was totally cool, and as soon as I see him again I’ll tell him all about it…while also kicking his ass, I mean.

Character Journal (1/9/2013)
Oh boy, just what I need, another werewolf around to steal my spotlight. So I’m at my bar, kicking ass and taking names, the usual, when some frumpy looking smart dude came in. Turns out, not only is he into growing claws and howling at the moon (who isn’t these days?), but maybe he kinda sorta used to be a teacher of mine from my very short stint at Wake? It’s possible I guess, although I don’t remember much from my time there, know what I mean? Yeah, you know.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get lamer, turns out ANOTHER new werewolf might have had his change at Wake. It figures, Bentley Davenport becomes a werewolf and now it’s the HIP NEW THING, fucking posers, man. So we all head over to Wake to figure out what’s going on. Turns out, the kid’s been acting like a total dick to everyone, and totally busted up the gym equipment. Not cool, brah. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s something else running around skinning people, so gross.

Well, we do the tracking thing, and find the kid at his house hanging out with his parents (what a loser). While everybody else was fucking around, me and teach thought up a great snatch and grab. We roll up in there and we’re like “yoyoyoyoyoyoyo”. Teach distracted his dad, and I worked my magic and made his ma go upstairs for a while. Next, I get the kid in a badass sleeper hold, I mean like this dude’s not going anywhere. Teach tried to drug dad, and failed, and that’s where shit got ugly. Turns out, the dad was the guy running around skinning people, which is actually pretty convenient for us. So we kicked both their asses, and were loading ‘em in the truck when Al’s old man showed up. I’ve heard this guy is strong, and I was so ready to prove how much of a kickass stormlord I really am by taking him down, but I kind of got into a little…car accident, and had to sit this one out. Al’s dad is a lucky man.

Character Journal (1/27/2013)
I decided to start the day off early by waking up at 11, and guess who I see sitting at the foot of my bed? Dear old dad. How did he even get in? He tells me he came to see what I’ve been up to. I told him all about my awesome new establishment, and even though he didn’t really show it, I know he’s proud of me. This is where things get lame though, because he told me that I had to spend the day with him in Raleigh. We ran a bunch of errands, mostly riding from boring old building to boring old building and talking about stuff I didn’t get with old guys in suits. I was under strict orders to keep talking to a bare minimum, which is a shame because the bar is in dire need of a rooftop pool and I would love to get another investor. Whatevs. This sucks, I want to fight something.

Character Journal (2/7/2013)
I get back from dicking around with my dad and suddenly everybody’s planning a giant raid on the Wells Fargo building. Geez, is this what happens when I’m not around to keep everybody in line? Well anyways, I have a dream to see if I can get an idea of what we’re going up against here. Basically it was like one of those bigass MC Hammer paintings with a bunch of webs going in every direction. My part of the plan is going to be to somehow provoke the Azlu to lure them into some science class shit that the cop and teach are whipping up. But more importantly, being away for the past couple of days have gotten me thinking: I’m a great Storm Lord, and I don’t even try that hard, so how kickass would it be if I became an EVEN BETTER Storm Lord? That broad in the suit from the other clan seems to have a pretty good idea about this stuff, I think it’s time me and miss shoulder pads had a pow-wow.

Character Journal (3/7/2013)
Surprise surprise, the Azlu have just been added to the long list of people who me and my boys have made our bitch. You may not know this, but I’m not really all that big on science and nerd shit. Some of the stuff that teach and the cop managed to pull off were pretty mind blowing. I guess that’s one way to handle your problems.

More importantly, I was chillin’ in front of the bar the other day, taking in my surroundings, and I realized something: I’ve been thinking about this whole business thing entirely too small. Downtown Winston is a very big place, I’ve got a little money now, and my name is attached to the hottest new bar around, so who is to say I don’t have room to grow? Nobody, that’s who. I’m gonna run this city.

Character Journal (3/14/2013)
Now that our little spider problem has been dealt with…for the most part, I can focus on what really matters: Fame and money. Step 1 of operation B-Dawg takes over Winston was a success: I have found the perfect spot for what will soon become Winston’s hottest new arcade/pool hall/ video poker lounge. What I’m gonna have to do next is make some calls and see what they’re asking for the place (and haggle them down, yo), and also get in contact with a bank and score a little investment dough. I do have some money I’ve saved up from the bar, so maybe we can meet each other half way to make this happen.

On the werewolf side of things, I think we fought a teenage mutant ninja turtle the other night. I didn’t see much of what he could do, but he fucked up teach pretty bad. My naturally great bar brawling abilities have done a great job so far, but maybe it’s time I picked up a more legit fighting style.

Character Journal (3/28/2013)
So apparently what’s left of the Azlu are trying to bring in the big guns. Fine by me, they’ll never match up to this firepower. My muscles, I mean.

I’m starting to get the ball rolling on my new business, and now I’ve entered the part I hate: work. I’m going to have to whip up a bitchin’ presentation to show the peeps I’ll be renting this building from, but when they see the revenue that Money$hots is generating they’ll practically beg me to open up shop.

Also, it turns out I’m a natural at boxing, no surprises there. Some people get into boxing for sport, others for self defense, but all I see are dollar signs. I need to keep a lookout for some way that I can use my unmatched fighting abilities to make some more money, because I’m gonna need it.

Character Journal (4/28/2013)
After a very busy couple of days, me and my boys have gotten rid of both Reina AraƱa and the Red Hair Demon. Now that those weaklings have been taken care of, I can go back to what I’m really passionate about: Being the center of attention. I’m going to kick it into overdrive to whip up this business presentation, and although it would be awesome to do this all on my own, I’ve decided to get help from someone who I guess knows a little bit more about business than I do: Walt.
(Bentley is going to spend his month of downtime saving as much of his own personal income as possible. He and Walt are going to use the sales records from the bar to make a pitch for Bentley’s new business venture, an arcade that serves alcohol).

Character Journal (6/27/2013)
The weirdest thing happened the other night. I met this really hot chick, and she was…smart. My plan was to use her as arm candy when I go to do business pitches for investors, but she actually wants in. Let me tell you, the Bent is no stranger to people latching onto his success, and maybe this will be even better than what I had in mind. I have a good feeling my potential investors will also be impressed by her charm too. Her tits, I mean.

Bentley Davenport's Player Journal

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