Aleister Van Wick's Player Journal

A Blind Ninja, A Dead Spider Queen and A Vengeful Spirit THAT IS GOING TO DIE!!!!!
(2nd Journal Entry)

So i had the grand idea to start a spirit alarm system. So i talked to Bentley about making the bar spirits happy and then called up Jeremy to let him know what is was doing. Then i tended to Walt eyes and talked to Scott about sniping. I asked him if he new any body around here that could teach me to be a better shot. He handed me a good book and basicly told me it would take him a minute to ind someone. Witch is fine cause i need to work on some other stuff. So all was going fine until i get wind that some dumb ass is stinking up the hospital with death and that dose not fly with me one bit.
So i take me and Bentley over there and scan for some stinking death spirit. We didn’t find much except a lot of spirits bitching about the stink (can’t blame them). So i pop out of the shadows (leaving Bentley behind) and when i do i hear some sounds coming around the corner. When i get over there i see two punks picking on a blind Jap. So i go and try to defend the dude and i get maced?. What fucking man walks around with mace all the time? Well anyway after they maced me the blind Jap turns into a ninja and starts stabbing me. so my other pack mates show up and Scott gets his ass kicked the Blind ninja.
So after that we find out the Blind Jap was the death spirit’s host or some stupid shit like that and now me and Scott are infected with this spirit’s death stink. After that i me and the rest of the pack go to a old abandon slaughter house were we try to meet this death spirit. So we encountered it and try to talk to the damn thing but i swear that Bentley has more rational thought patterns then him. But i thought talked up a deal with him. He then set the place on fire. So i thought i was fine but all of a sudden i get sick bad real bad. While i was laid up some ware apparently my pack goes to a house filled with Azlul and fuck them up.
When i wake up i go to Kathy and had her heal me up (I took special note on what she did so that i could try to mimic it later on if i needed to). So after that Jeremy gets tells us that we need to bust this gun deal at Reynolds Gardens.
While i am there i speak with this asome oak tree. I struck a deal with him if i get rid of this crazy venus fly trap that he would be part of my SSAS (spirit security alarm system). So i take this wired spirit plant thing and take back to my place (in the umbra). Then i pop out of the umbra and get into my sniper perch.
A couple of hours past and some cars pull up. One was Clearly this spider queen that was giving us so much trouble (i know cause she was hanging back in the car in that “i am the boss way”). Then this other spider dude walks up to the tree i am in and stops then climbs up into the building across from the tree and hides. I take the shot at the spider queen and knock her out.
After that its a little fuzzy. I think i went into “I am going to kill you cause you are there mode”.
I woke up in a world of hurt. The pack and i went to clean up the crime scene. Then i all of a sudden Scott gets his ass caught by Maggot Man. So they struggle for a couple of seconds (Scott clearly losing ground) mean while i line up a nice shot and make his head explode.
After that , we get the fuck out of doge and Me, Bentley and Jeremy go and gather essence enough for me to heal me and Bentley with my ritual.
Mean while while i was healing us a ton of shit happened. Jeremy got fucked up by the ninja, Scott and Kathy were doing something with spider queens whip and Jeremy went to go see his wife.
Apparently Walt is mad at me for some reason. Man he is such a whiny bastard for such a giant man. Look i don’t hate Walt for no reason, i hate him for being so winy all the time. I wish he would just back off. Damn he worst then my old man use to be.
I am just glad that this advice that the therapist gave me is working. She was right i can get a lot of anger out by writing in a journal.
In Aleister’s down time he will focus on the getting rid of the death thing that the Spirit put on him (as well as Scott). Then in between work he will work on his SSAS plans, keep trying to find out info on the death spirit. As a player i hope that i can increase my resolve from 2 to 3 by focusing on the SSAS (in time). Also i will get togther with the pack and ask them how they want to proceed with the Death Spirit. Aleister at this point doesn’t care what we do about him, just so he is out of the pack’s territory.

A Hell of an 8 Months (1st Journal Entry).

Wow That is all i can say about the past 8 months. I’ll start by giving a rundown of the past 8 months, Me and Bentley got turn into a werewolf by his crazy ass bitch girlfriend, A big bald arrogant bastard named Walt taught us all (with the help of the other local packs help) about being a wolf and what it means to be in a pack. Then we as a nameless pack try to take of are stuff in are territory.
I took care of a cancer spirit that was to big for his own good, Bentley deiced that his calling was to open a bar, Walt was an asshole (like always) and then we deiced as a pack to go back into the pure territory to try and save Bentley’s drunk friend. And when we did we got are ass handed to us by there fucking totem. Then got jumped by the pure right after that. Bentley try to take on his crazy bitch ass girlfriend. Bentley thought he whip her ass but obviously she held back against him.
After that we went to see Kathy so she cloud heal me and Bentley. I began to learn some rites from her some days after that.
Then just when i thought are lives couldn’t get more fucked up it turns out that we had a spider infestation. We tracked down a spider nest located in the bus station. So we go to the bus station at night and brought some hell to there 8 leg asses. After we whipped the shit out of the spiders we hopped into the umbra and try to save some people from spider hell. After that i went back to the scene of the crime (i guess you could say that) still fucked up from the spider fight i try to pull off the whole “i was drunk and got into fight this wound is not as bad as it looks” thing but it didn’t real work and i ran into one of the people i saved from spider hell and she some how remembered my fucked up faced and point at me and said the wolf or something stupid like that. Then i fucking snapped.
Performing my rites became more difficult, things that i said to people were i guess coming across way i didn’t want them to just weird things were happening to me. Also things that people were saying just sounds wrong. I guess this is what happens when you break werewolf code.
And then Kathy asked us to do her a favor for her in exchange for all of the help that she has provided for us. Little did we know that this favor was to save some chick from a vampire. Fuck Kathy if she new that this asshole was a vamp.
I thought i could get some rest but no, some beaners came to my place with there uzis and fucked up my home. After i blow there fucking organs in my home and on the my lawn i ran and hid my fucking ass in the woods.
Then along comes Jeremy Ruiz a undercover cop who is also a werewolf. I with out my knowledge i calmed down cause i was curios about another wolf from a different area than Winston. After we regrouped as pack, we tried to take care off this vampire problem, but that went south. Bentley and him deiced on a deal. Bentley opens a bar he gets an all exclusive access to the bar so sell his vamp drug crap and he would leave this chick who Kathy has a hard on for alone.
I thought that whole bar thing was a stupid idea to begin with but no every body deiced to jump on the “lets get Bentley a bar thing”.
And then came the cops. Asking me questions about this and that, do i know the ware bouts off my uncle, do i have any connection to Mexican gang bangers. Thanks to Jeremy and Walt i was able to avoid most of the cops bullshit.
Around that same month while i was doing my job as a paramedic you know go to scene of crime pick up busted ass son of a bitch up take his ass to hospital and repeat, while i was taking busted up son of a bitch to the hospital it turned out that my passenger that i was transporting was a fucking pure wolf that fucked up his own face just to get face time with me (pun intended). Yup It was just fuck with Aleister month. So he is talking about his philosophy and how hard it is to be pure, witch by the way its not real hard to be pure. they just look at the werewolf code and say well that’s to fucking hard fuck that we will fallow are own set of rules and claim we have the hard life not are wolf brothers who fallow the stick code laid down by are past fathers. But any way he is still talking crap and saying i’m going to blow up my self and you. And then i’m like your pussy ass emo bitch ass wont do a damn thing causes your bitchy emo ass wolf who is all talk and no game. But to his credit he did try to blow up me and him.
So i’m siting there and holding his crazy suicide ass in an ambulance that is now buried underneath rumble and shit. He hulking out and in my defenses i hulk out and crushed his emo wolf stomach.
So he was as dead as road kill, Jeremy deiced that it was best to show respect and give the body back to them. I was like fine but my ass is going to a half mile away staring them down with my rifle in hand. Unfortunately nothing happen.
After that we ran into pirate ship that imprisons ghost and a pirate spirit in a strip club. So are pack deiced fuck that pirate we want that ship. So we fucked up a pirate in the strip club and then at the state fair. Once we had the ship in are possession we called up peter to help us bind this ship into my gun. Fuck yes now were talking!
After that crazy shit Bentley was trying to get some money from Japanese dude and fell for a trap set for him. So are pack rushes over there to help him out. I was across the street in the building across from Bentley and stared to snipe the crap out of some spiders. Then just when things were looking up some dude that Bentley was with turns into a wolf and kick his ass out of the window. I got good shot in that ass hole kick Bentley out of the window but it wasn’t enough to kill his ass.
We scraped Bentley up of the ground and took his ass into the umbra and then to the hospital and (with the help of a spirit ) healed Bentley’s ass well kind of. He need to rest some more but being the bad ass that he some times is he still got up and opened up his bar.
At opening night i deiced to hang back wasn’t real in the mood for Halloween bar thing. As i was patrolling the area around the bar i saw a moon bow. I called Jeremy to see if he new what the fuck it was but he new as much as me not a damn thing. so as the night rolls on Bentley saw and talk to a fake me and did not realize it was a fake me. So that pissed me off and then the fucking pure dude who kick Bentley out of the fucking window walks right on in sits down and fucking talks to the whole pack. And the pack sits there and lets it happen like it was nothing.
So while i was left out of the fucking pure conversation i thought who could walk and talk like me with out being question by any one. I came to the conclusion that it was local trade (a powerful spirit that deals in memories). So like any one else i start to walk into the bar ready to find local trade and kill his stupid ass (and any mother fucker in way) but instead i find i find Burke (a spirit that runs Burke street) and he try’s to calm me down with a talk and proceeds to tell me that my true father is Elder Wolf (a fucking old dumb ass pure wolf that comes to this area and murders a pack or two every so often) and the real reason that he is hear is for me. So this puts my mind into overdrive. I’m thinking that if i go up to my uncle cabin retreat and calm down to think things over i maybe put my pack out of danger.
But that plan fell through causes once i got into the pure territory i got jumped by the fucking pure. and then they deiced rather than killing me or sending me back home fucked they deiced to take me across the country to a desert and torturer me. Then a mouth later they send me back home
I wake up in my uncle’s cabin and start walking back to my house. when i get back to my house i find that Bentley has been having parties there oh to fucking joy.
So i go were i can find Bentley at his fucking bar. When i get there i find the whole gang together and one extra fuck head, i walk up stairs and throw one of Bentley’s empty beer cans at him and cuss him out for having parties at my place while i have been gone. Then i look over to the extra fuck head and ask who the fuck he is and why the fuck he is siting up hear. The extra fuck heads name was Scott Larson and wait for it….. another fucking werewolf. I swear that every fucking new guy i meet and talk to has some fucked up supernatural thing going on.
Walt Wasting no time springs a “hey there this kid at wake forest and he is about to wittiness his first change thing” and Scott Larson being a teacher/in charge of a paramilitary corporation jumps up and said “oo oo something i can do to help the pack”.
So Scott and Bentley go to wake and snoop around and I go and snoop around at wake in the umbra. In the umbra I meat a cockroach spirit and an anger spirit who tell me shit. Something like “there is a sick wolf running around”. Great more shit to deal with. So we regroup in the parking lot and deiced to go to the kids house causes he sure was not the fuck at school. So we get to the house and Scott and Bentley deiced to do a snatch and grab right in front of the parents? Yeah this is a great plan. Hey don’t mind us were just stealing your kid . So what happens well Bentley told the mother hey go lock your self in closet and then tells dad hey lets go out back I think I saw something. Well it actuality worked on the mother but not the dad don’t ask how when it comes to Bentley laws of science does not work on his brain or the general area he is in. Well turns out the dad is the fucking sick dieing wolf that I was hearing about from the spirits I was talking to at wake. Well Scott takes his claws and rams them into this sick wolfs rib cage and the sick wolf just croaks. Well this sends the kid death rage and now Walt joins the snatch and grab plan. I proceed to tell them that I am smelling pure heading to this location as we speak. So what dose Walt do? Well he lays this kid the fuck out to the point of almost death. Yeah so Walt didn’t get that snatch and grab meant keeping the kid alive.
So after that we all pile in Scott’s truck well Jeremy turned into a bird and took to the sky. So were driving off and some big mother fucker is blocking the way. Scott hits the breaks and Walt said ram the truck into him Scott. At this point we should of stop listening to Walt causes Scott try’s to ram the car into this giant mother fucker and this giant mother fucker grab the fucking truck and fucking flips it. This knocks out Walt, Bentley and Scott. So I poop out and try to cap this SOB in the face but giant fucker grabs my gun and throws it way. So I go garu and bite the fuck out of him and then he took a chunk out of me and that is the last thing I remember for like 5min.
So the next day after that horrible defeat by Elder dick we meet up at the bar and Bentley leaves a note for us saying he out of town with his dad. What the fuck man! We are in a middle of a giant crisis and you take a vacation with your dad. Only Bentley would do something so stupid.
We all agree that we need to call the other packs and talk about Elder dick. Jeremy calls the pack leaders and tell them we need to talk. So they get down to the bar and we start talking about what we need to do about Elder dick and the Alzul (the spider problem). Well I have to beat around the bushes with every one causes god forbid if you are straight forward with any one they might think your trying to offend there pack or something stupid like that. Like a couple of months ago Me, Bentley and Jeremy go and try to talk to Kathy about the pure and see if she has any idea on what we should do about them and she acted like we were trying to past are problems on to her pack. We were like no bitch just asking for friendly advice. Then later in the discussion that we were having I pointed out that all packs biggest weakness was the lack of communication and stubbornness to help any one. Oh his made her fucking cunt tighten up like no ones business. So in her cunt tighten mood she starts saying that were weak cause we cant get a handle on are territory. I was like fuck this bitch we have been werewolf’s for like 4 months of course we don’t have a handle on are territory bitch. She got all offended and kick us out. Later on in the week I did The Rite of Contrition or as I call it “bitch I apologize for dishonoring you but not really”.
Well this discussion goes better than the one we had with Kathy. All of the packs agree that we need to take care of the Azlul and they will distract Elder dick for us to do this.
The next day we do some recon on the Wells Fargo building (the building were the Azlul main nest is) and find out that its worst than expected. These mother fucker have webbed so much that if we would destroyed them all at the same time it would have imploded the Gauntlet and the real world. Well that explanation was not good enough for Scott and Jeremy there plan was to go in there melt all of the webbing and kill all of the Azlul. I tried to tell them that it would be difftcul to kill all of the Azlul when the Gauntlet was imploding all around us. Well we went back and forth for about a good hour and came up with the idea of a kill box were it would only be a little section we blocked off and kill every thing in side with acid.
A week later the other pack calls us and said its go time. So we prepare every thing we need to go in and bring hell to the Azlul. So we go in there as dressed up as exterminators and get past security with no problem. So for the first couple of floors we didn’t real have a problem with any thing . The gas and acid were doing most of the work for us. But you know we had to get in there and get are hands dirty hear and there.
About the third floor in we ran into some smart ass wearing some gas masks and protective gear so we go in there and and start blowing there masks off. About that time two big mother fuckers come in with hourglasses on them and start fucking us up. They fucked Scott up so much that he past out. Well me, Bentley and Jeremy took care of them. We pulled Walt and Scott out of the kill box and I tried to heal there asses with what I had at the time.
We deiced to push on and get me close enough to were I could shut down this locus. Scott, Jeremy and Bentley went one way to distract them while me and Walt went the other way to get closer to the locus. The guys did well to distract the Azlul, me and Walt made it almost all the way through the rite. At the tail end of the rite Walt didn’t hide his ass well enough so some spider gang banger came out and blow a giant fucking hole into Walt. I thought I lost his ass for a minute there. I remand hidden from the spider’s sight while holding the rite. Jeremy hearing all of this shit on the radios hauled ass over ware I was and shot the mother fucker with his 45. I then finished up the rite and put that locus asleep.
Then as we were trying to catch are breath the other pack called us up and was like “hey we need some help with killing there totem”. We ran are ass out of the building and Hoped in Scott’s car and head were the battle to kill there totem was.
When we get there we deiced to split up again. Me and Walt Jeremy and Bentley. Me and Walt ran into Bête-en-Haute and Kathy. Bête-en-Haute pasted out refusing my medical assistants (I gave it to her any way). Kathy thanked me and the me and Walt headed closer to the pure’s totem purity of true furry.
When I get close enough to see the totem I start tacking my aim but Walt stopped me and told me to carve out his eye. With out any hesitation or questions I began removing his eye (this day could not get any better). Apparently he needed the to give to bright eyes and these pack of other crows to drain the essence out of the totem. What ever the imported thing is not only did I get to take Walt’s eye out but I did it so damn well!! I should gone to school to be surgeon rather than a paramedic. But anyway after the crows did there thing this bastard ass totem has the balls to come straight at me like a dumb ass. I popped one right in his eye socket and then he exploded.
After that I get another call from the other pack saying that peter has been killed by Elder Dick.
So we go and have a werewolf funeral and then Walt asks me to take his other eye out (fuuuuuuuuck yeeeees). So after that I heal the guys and then we all got drunk as shit.
But now its on Elder Dick. The next time you dare come into are territory i’m giving you an enema with my Waverunner Flintlock.
(Aleister is going to take his time off and try to boost the spirit defenses. He is going to try to set up a alarm system with some spirits like crows, insects, anger spirits, ext….. and is going to help Bentley out with his bar and getting spirits to help like it more in hopes that would that this would help Aleister’s first plan. Aleister is also going to talk with Scott and ask him if he knows of any one who could help him with some sniping training. Also check in with Walt and see if he needs any help with eye recovery.)

SSAS (Spirit Security Alarm System)

The first part of the of SSAS is to locate and to bargain with powerful local and traveling spirits. I will use the power “read spirit” to help me with locating these spirits.
For traveling spirits i will hit up horses, car, pigeons, ext…..
For local spirits i will hit up plants, buildings, local emotional spirits (anger, love, dispersion, ext..), ext…..
My main goal for the traveling and local spirits is to portal and notify me and my pack mates when the pure are in the territory or close. Also when there is a spirit messing with the balance of the area. Also when there is a threat like say azlul or a rat problem!!!
I wish to keep a nice balance in the umbra while keeping the spirits in are territory happy or at least satisfied with the area. I would like the spirits to real be comfortable with are presence in the area to the point when they can come to us with a problem they need help with.
I help the oak tree spirit at Reynold garden and got him on broad with SSAS. I will check up on the area and try to convince the rest of the main spirits to also get on broad. Hopefully with this big oak tree on my side i can convince them with ease.

A In Depth Look Into Aleister’s State Of Mind

(I am making this entry to go in depth on Aleister’s thoughts and why he acts the way he dose. Hope everybody that reads finds this interesting!
When i first made Aleister he was not (and still is not) suppose to be the asshole of the group. He was actually supposed to be the quite sociably awkward type of guy. Aleister is misunderstood (and is suppose to be). What i mean by that is that Aleister is being such an asshole cause of his position of the group (the position he honestly puts his self in). Aleister thinks he is suppose to be the buffer between the spirits and every one. While this is not off of what the auspice i chose of him it is out of his social comfort zone. Aleister dose not want to feel like he is not pulling his wait so he chooses to put his self in this position. My initial thought of Aleister when i created him was to make him have some form of PTSD. Below i will Go into a deep explanation on his current condition.)

How It Began

To find out how Aleister’s mild PTSD began we have to look at his early teen years when his parents died. When life changing event happen Aleister didn’t take it well at all. At the time he became very close to his parents. So when they were gone it left a nice mental scar on him. But in time with the help of his uncle and best friend he coupe with the death of his parents.
Few year later after he became a marine he formed a close bound with his division. During one of there patrols they came up on the town there were checking out. It was quite to quite. The 4 of the 6 got out of the car and went to move something out of the road when they did the object blow up and killed 3 of the 4 that got out of the car. Aleister and the other person (we will call him mike) hoped out of the car and took cover. Mike laid down covering fire so Aleister could drag the others to safety. Aleister managed to pull them all aside and safe the guy who was not killed by the IED. As they hopped back into the car Mike was shot upper portion of the leg and Aleister was shot in the arm. Aleister being the only one who could drive hopped behind the wheel and drove out of the town (luckily the group that was attacking was very small and did not pursue). Mike died of blood lost cause Aleister was driving out of the town and could not attend to his wound. They only one who survived was the man who Aleister pulled from the IED explosion (we will call him Jimbo)
I would say that this is when the mild case of his PTSD stared. Aleister was not under the extreme stress from combat but under extreme stress from the loss of a group of People that he consider a second family. Much like other PTSD case these symptoms did not appear right away and when he was given the Psychological exam it appear that way as well.

How It Evolved

With PTSD when the event in question happens the brains chemical makeup changes. The other problem is PTSD strikes when the person in question ether relives the events. That could also mean hearing a sound that they heard on the day of the traumatic event happen or seeing something that there brain links to the event. Upon becoming a werewolf his mental chemistry was trying to be put back in balance but failed to completely fix the chemical imbalance that was caused by the traumatic event of losing people that he labeled as family.
(I am using the thought that the rapid healing process of Werewolf’s is also applied some what to there chemical makeup of the body. Just like how when we do something that goes against the wolf code we could lose a point of harmony and ether feel like a shity werewolf or trying to justify the action that we took that made us lose the point. I would say that when you transform into a werewolf for the first time that there is a chemical change that happens upon the body that makes the charter react to the harmony system.)
I would like to say that when Aleister change for the first time that the chronically low levels of serotonin were increased a little, Dopamine levels were increased a little and there was a slight fix in Aleister’s abnormal HPA axis (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. While this did not fix the mild case PTSD it would help Aleister respond better to the events that triggered the PTSD.)
The events that triggered the mild case of PTSD was back at the bus station indent were Aleister lost his first point of harmony. Prior to this Aleister felt like he was forming a strong bound with the rest of the pack. During this high stressful time of losing harmony deep down he felt like if he got any closer to the pack he would forum a family bound that he could not accept the loss from another group of people that he consider family. So in return he try to disconnect from rest of the pack (being an asshole to Walt and ignoring Bentley). But evidently Aleister became more proactive of his pack. Like when he found out that Elder wolf was his father he ran away to avoid endangering the pack. The biggest proactive moment was in the wake of Peter’s death Aleister is now trying to lay the foundation of a Umbra defense. Weather he wants to admit or not, he is trying to Protect his pack who deep down he views the pack as his we’ll say 3rd family.

PTSD In A Chemical Nut Shell

  1. hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis- The HPA axis is responsible for coordinating the hormonal response to stress. In addition, most people with PTSD also show a low secretion of cortisol and high secretion of catecholamines in urine, with a norepinephrine/cortisol ratio consequently higher than comparable non-diagnosed individuals. This is in contrast to the normative fight-or-flight response, in which both catecholamine and cortisol levels are elevated after exposure to a stressor. Brain catecholamine levels are high, and corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) concentrations are high. Together, these findings suggest abnormality in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. Given the strong cortisol suppression to dexamethasone in PTSD, HPA axis abnormalities are likely predicated on strong negative feedback inhibition of cortisol, itself likely due to an increased sensitivity of glucocorticoid receptors.
  1. Dopamine- Dopamine levels in patients with PTSD can help contribute to the symptoms associated. Low levels of dopamine can contribute to anhedonia, apathy, impaired attention, and motor deficits. Increased levels of dopamine can cause psychosis, agitation, and restlessness.
  1. Serotonin- Other studies indicate that people that suffer from PTSD have chronically low levels of serotonin which contributes to the commonly associated behavioral symptoms such as anxiety, ruminations, irritability, aggression, suicidality, and impulsivity. Serotonin also contributes to the stabilization of glucocorticoid production.

Summing Up Aleister’s Current/Future State of Mind

To sum up Aleister is a man suffering from a great fear of losing more people that he cares about by pushing away people by being an asshole. He views his pack mates as fallowing

Walt- He looks to Walt as a father figure in his life. He never got along with his father that well nor is he getting along with his biologic father at the moment (this is probely were drives his true false hate from Walt).

Bentley- Aleister views Bentley as a younger dumber brother who kind of irritates him but deep down he kind of enjoys the company of Bentley.

Jeremy- Aleister looks to him as a older brother figure.

Scott- As of right now Aleister looks at Scott as a cousin type figure. That could change seeing as how he hasn’t spent much time with him.

Right now as it stands Aleister mind set is changing as he is realizing that he has his self a new family. There is a deep down sense of “I have to defend them and not fail them like i did with my past 2 families”. Although he keeps telling his self too push away from them but those words are getting to sound like a bad idea. As Aleister focusing on his SSAS i think he will realizing that he has a pack to protect and with this i hope to be able to raise his resolve 2 to 3 with Aleister focusing on this project. I don’t think that he would handle a death of a pack mate well. Not well at all. But only time will tell.

Aleister Van Wick's Player Journal

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