Waverunner Flintlock

Fetish Rifle


The Waverunner Flintlock is a Fetish weapon created by Peter Vandemeer with the help of Vera and Jeremy Ruiz, with the input of its owner: Aleister Van Wick. It is a hunting rifle with anachronistic stylistic modifications that give it the appearance of an antique flintlock from the golden age of piracy. Bound into the handle near the trigger is a Saint Christopher.

The Waverunner Flintlock contains the magath ship spirit, HMS-Craggy-Wave-Runner. It can be broken down into a compact form fit for travel within the form of the built-in Saint Christopher, its mass carried in the Shadow by Bright-Eyes-Clarion-Call. It can be summarily summoned through contact with water poured on the Saint Christopher, which returns the gun from across the Gauntlet in a wash of sea foam. It can be used to strike ghosts—even stealing a point of their Essence for its wielder when used to discorporate one.


Waverunner Flintlock

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