Jeremy Ruiz

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Character bio- 5 XP
10/1/12- 2 XP
10/4/12- 2 XP (character transcription and game summary)
10/7/12- 5 XP (14 XP remaining)
10/14/12- 5 XP, 1 XP for journal update (20 XP remaining)
Spent 8 on Glory 1, received Warding Gift: Ward Versus Predators, spent 3 on Athletics 1, spent 6 on Firearms 2, spent 3 on Politics 1 (0 XP remaining)
10/18/12- 3 XP
10/25/13- 3 XP, 1 XP for journal update
11/14/13- 2 XP, 1 XP for journal update
01/09/13- 7 XP, 1 XP for journal update
01/15/13- 6 XP, 1 XP for journal update
01/20/13- 3 XP
02/06/13- 3 XP
02/28/13- 4 XP
03/07/13- 7 XP
Spent 16 on Cunning 2, received Evasion Gift: Sand in the Eyes (with special dispensation).
03/14/13- 3 XP

Name: Jeremy “Funny Boy” Ruiz,(Dagganum Urbat, Iudex Mors)
Player: Brian
Concept: Undercover Cop
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Lust

Intelligence: 3
Wits: 3
Resolve: 2

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 2

Presence: 3
Manipulation: 2
Composure: 2

Crafts: 1
Investigation(Crime scenes): 3
Occult(Protection): 3

Brawl: 1
Firearms: 1
Larceny: 1
Survival(Shifting): 1

Empathy: 1
Intimidation: 3
Persuasion(Spirits): 3
Socialize: 1
Streetwise: 1
Subterfuge: 2

Status(Police): 1
Resources: 1
Fetish(Bone Whistle): 4
Language(Spanish): 1

Notoriety-Washington gangs

Health: 7
Willpower: 4
Essence: 8 of 11
Primal Urge: 2
Harmony: 7

Purity: 1
Honor: 1
Wisdom: 2

Scent of Malice, Scent of Taint, Partial Change, Death Sight


Jeremy was born in the suburbs of DC to his mother a socialite from a well to do family and her lover—a first generation immigrant from Puerto Rico. Jeremy grew up never knowing much of his father. He was hardly ever around and never seemed to want to do the father thing. He would come by late around birthdays and holidays. Jeremy always got gifts that would seem strange for a kid, but it was from his father so he never cared. His mother seemed okay with this behavior from his father, saying it was just his way. Little did Jeremy know that his father was an Uratha and his mother a wolf-blooded.

As he grew Jeremy began to have issues paying attention in school and getting into fights with other kids. Though he wasn’t any bigger or stronger than other kids he tended to win through cunning moves and no sense of fear. He hardly graduated high school, but a few teachers gave him the right shove to get the grades he needed. After he got out his father didn’t come around anymore and Jeremy fell in with a bad crowd. He started to hangout with gang members and commit minor crimes to fit in. Eventually he earned his stripes and became a full member, all be it a low ranking one. Through out this time he had knocked up a girl in his neighborhood, Maria, but unlike the others in his gang he felt more attached than they did. After she gave birth to their child he tried to be more of a father but the gang thing was getting in the way and the violence was starting to affect mother and child.

It was then that Jeremy had his first change. It was while he was out walking looking for potential buyers for his drug quota when he was accosted by some local members of a rival gang. Still sore over the bite he had received from the rabid dog or whatever that bit him the week before, Jeremy decided to go the other way. The gang members outflanked him and he was unable to dodge the knife that hit him in the guts since his head was swimming from the visions. It was more unfortunate on their part because as the knife was drawn back so was the veil of control over Jeremy’s rage. They never saw the result coming as he rent the bodies to shreds and demolished their cars. The “rabid” dog watched with a smile on his face.

After his rage had abated the now very tired and naked Jeremy was picked up by Detective O’Brien of the DC Metro police and driven to an abandoned building that was used by druggies and squatters. There he instructed Jeremy about being and Uratha, what had happened, and that he should take more responsibility for his life. Be less of the problem and more of the solution. This extreme change was all it took to push Jeremy into action. With the help of O’Brien, Jeremy was made an official witness for the Metro and started informing on their behalf. After a couple of important busts that put major players in the clink, Jeremy was fast tracked through the academy with night classes and a crunch course for the practical. He told the gang that he was going back to Rico to look into a better drug market and supply options. He used their connections to get into the market there and in less than two years he was able to make a huge drug kingpin bust in Rico as well as finish his academy work.

The Metro had never had a recruit make it up the ladder to sergeant so fast. The knew Jeremy had a lust for life and a need for things fast and in a hurry. He moved the gangs sales through the roof with new buyers coming out of the woodwork as it would seem. The bosses were so pleased with the influx of cash and influence they started a new war on the other gangs. At the head was Jeremy’s new strategy and drug “connections.” But, unknown to them the police had been talked into lying low while the gang overextended itself. Jeremy kept a detailed list of all shipments and where they went and what came of them. Also he watched the other gangs and their activities and when the time seemed right, and his gang had dominated almost all of DC, They sprang the trap. 500 arrested in one night, 400 more over the next week. Jeremy’s noted and his fast talking to get the police to stay out of his business had given them evidence enough to put 85 percent of all gang members in DC proper into custody and got a 75 percent conviction rate. They promoted him to Detective and moved him to the lead of the Gang and Narcotic division.

But, Maria and Julio could not stay in the area where their father was. The police inaction had seen several drive-bys and home invasions and they moved south to Winston-Salem, where they would be much safer. Jeremy was upset by the news but knew he had only one thing to do. He sought a relocation to the W-S PD as a undercover gang and narcotic detective to be with his “family.”

Upon arriving Jeremy met with the local Uratha pack in Greensboro when his flight landed and was taken to GBoro PD for a briefing. They told him about the local killings in Winston, and the Uratha he met told him about the new pack that had formed and things were happening in their territory.

Jeremy Ruiz’s Player Journal

Jeremy Ruiz

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