The flighty, unassuming crow spirit totem of the pack.


Rank 2

Power: 2
Finesse: 6
Resistance: 2

Willpower: 4
Essence: 15 Maximum

Initiative: 8
Defense: 6
Speed: 18
Size: 2
Corpus: 4

Influence: Crows 2
Numina: Chorus, Discorporation, Material Vision

Bonuses: Occult 1 (given)
Avian Lure (story)-until the next moonrise or moonset, the pack member has the ability to communicate with birds in any form, gaining a bonus die on all Social rolls involving them.

Ban: each pack member must deliver the eyes of an enemy to Bright-Eyes, weekly.


This large crow is about the size of a turkey, with silvery pools for eyes. Also known as Bright-Eyes, the crow spirit totem Bright-Eyes-Clarion-Call is established as an ally of Walt Steiner. He respects cunning and observation in a bonded pack member, bestowing occult knowledge and the ability to communicate with birds of all types.


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