Bentley Davenport

Self-obsessed Storm Lord Cahalith


7/3/12- 2 XP
7/19/12- 3 XP
7/24/12- 2 XP
Spent 3 on Subterfuge 1 (4 XP remaining)
7/31/12- 4 XP (story XP, 1 learning)
8/1/12- 4 XP (1 learning, 1 roleplaying, 1 heroism for saving Walt)
8/9/12- 5 XP
Spent 12 on Dominance Gift: Luna’s Dictum (5 XP remaining)
8/14/12- 5 XP
Spent 3 on Survival 1, spent 5 on Mother Luna Gift: Partial Change (2 XP remaining)
9/3/12- 2 XP
9/12/12- 4 XP
10/1/12- 3 XP
Spent 3 on Empathy 1, spent 6 on Weaponry 2 (3 XP remaining)
10/7/12- 3 XP (6 XP remaining)
10/14/12- 5 XP, 3 XP for character bio (14 XP remaining)
Spent 14 on Strength Gift: Mighty Bound (0 XP remaining)
10/18/12- 3 XP
10/19/12- 1 XP for character journal (4 XP remaining)
10/25/12- 3 XP, 1 XP for character journal
11/14/12- 2 XP, 1 XP for character journal
01/09/13- 6 XP, 1 XP for character journal
01/15/13- 6 XP
01/20/13- 1 XP for character journal
02/06/13- 3 XP
02/28/13- 4 XP, 1 XP for character journal
03/07/13- 7 XP
Spent 16 on Cunning 2, received Mother Luna Gift: Any Beast
03/14/13- 3 XP, 1 XP for character journal


Bentley Davenport (birth name Trevor Jacobs) was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. As the son of well-known senator Michael Jacobs, he was afforded any and all luxuries one could imagine, and spent his childhood in private school. While it would seem that Bentley had all the makings of a good politician himself, he never had much motivation to walk in his father’s footsteps, and his grades reflected this. With his naturally impressive physique, Bentley excelled in sports from a young age, but always performed poorly in academic subjects.

After middle school, Bentley came to the realization that he never really fit in private school, and, after begging his disheartened father, was allowed to attend public school. This was where Bentley first came in contact with Aleister Van Wick, although their social circles were very far from each other. As the years went on, he garnered a reputation as a spoiled brat born into luxury who could get away with anything thanks to his father. Throughout high school, his only interests seemed to be going to parties, general debauchery, and the opposite sex. His father tried his hardest to push Bentley in the right direction, but Bentley never really grasped the concept that there’s more to life than having fun and slacking off.

Thanks to a generous donation to the school by his father, Bentley was able to get accepted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with the condition that he major in political science. After several semesters worth of abysmal grades and numerous behavioral reprimands from the dean, Michael had had enough. He knew that if his son continued down this path, it would draw bad publicity and ruin Michael’s own political career. He withdrew his son’s tuition and got him kicked out of college. Feeling remorseful, he now sends Bentley a monthly “allowance”, which Bentley uses for rent and utility on his apartment in Winston-Salem. He also requested that Bentley, who had gone by Trevor up to this point, change his name to potentially deter mudslingers from using Bentley’s reputation against him.

Bentley Davenport’s Player Journal

Bentley Davenport

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