Aleister Van Wick

Rural-oriented Hunter in Darkness Ithaeur


7/3/12- 3 XP (1 for insight, sedating Bentley during his First Change)
7/19/12- 3 XP
7/23/12- 2 XP (insight)
Spent 3 on Brawl 1 (5 XP remaining)
7/31/12- 4 XP (story XP, 2 learning, 1 danger, 1 success)
8/1/12- 4 XP (1 learning, 1 roleplaying, 1 heroism for saving Walter)
8/9/12- 4 XP
Spent 4 on Rituals 1 (13 XP remaining)
8/14/12- 5 XP
Spent 3 on one Totem Points to upgrade Totem Bonus to Occult 1 (pack), Spent 3 on Occult 1, Spent 1 on Rite of Dedication (11 XP remaining)
9/3/12- 2 XP
9/12/12- 4 XP
10/1/12- 2 XP
Spent 3 on shotgun specialty for Firearms (16 remaining)
10/7/12- 4 XP
Spent 8 on Rituals level 2 (Banish Spirit), 1 on rite of Spirit Brand, 2 on rite of Contrition, 5 on Two-World Eyes (0 remaining)
10/22/12- 3 XP for character bio (3 XP remaining)
10/14/12- 5 XP (5 remaining)
10/18/12- 6 XP (11 remaining)
Spent 6 on Glory 1, received Father Wolf Gift: Wolf Blood’s Lure (5 XP remaining)
10/22/12- 3 XP for character bio (8 XP remaining)
10/25/12- 4 XP
Spent 3 on Brawl 1 (9 XP remaining)
11/14/12- 3 XP
01/09/13- 6 XP
01/15/13- 5 XP
Spent 12 on Rituals 3, received Rite of Healing, 1 on Rite Shared Scent (10 XP remaining)
01/20/13- 3 XP
Spent 2 on Rite of Dormancy (11 XP remaining)
02/06/13- 4 XP (15 XP remaining)
02/28/13- 4 XP (19 XP remaining)
03/07/13- 7 XP
Spent 10 on Resolve 2 (16 XP remaining)
03/14/13- 5 XP, 3 for character journal


Aleister Van Wick was born on 1988 November 18th in Gary IN. His parents were on a trip up north when his mother went into labor while there were driving through Indiana. Aleister grew up in NC Winston-Salem, Aleister kept to himself when he was growing up but he had some rage issues. when he was picked on or in a fight he would get really aggressive with the person on the receiving end. His mother and father saw this and decided to teach him how to deal with his anger. His mother taught him how to know when to fight or when to avoid confrontation. While his father—with his uncle—taught him to hunt to release anger while hunting, rather than on people.

When Aleister was in the 5th grade he found a good friend. Jhonn Graham was also a quite kid, he always kept to him self expect when he talked to Aleister. They have always remained good friends. When Aleister was 12 his mother and father were killed in a car accident (that is what the police report said). His uncle who lives in Mount Airy came down to watch over Aleister and on the weekends went back to Mount Airy to his house with Aleister.

After high school Aleister decided to join the military while Jhonn decided to go to law school at Harvard. Jhonn and Aleister’s uncle tried to convince him not to join the military, but to no avail. He was shipped out on July 18, 2006 to Iraq. Aleister excelled at shooting, but was no good at HTHC. Over his years in Iraq he kept in touch with his uncle and Jhonn month to month.

2 years after he was shipped out Aleister and his team were caught in an ambush. Aleister was shot 3 times, 2 others were killed by an IED and the other two were just wounded. Aleister was sent home and was given a purple heart medal for his courage and quick thinking that saved his fellow brother. While Aleister was recovering he decided to become a paramedic. It took him 2 years to become a full-fledged paramedic.

In between becoming a paramedic he caught up with Jhonn over the phone. Also he helped out his uncle with his house and his cabin in return his uncle helped him financially with bills and schooling.

After he became a paramedic he still helped his uncle out with his cabin time to time and also hunted for him. He started to talk less with Jhonn Because Jhonn was busy with cases and Aleister’s schedule did not coincide with his. His high school passing friend Mr. Bentley Davenport started to rent his uncle’s cabin so he could go and party with his friends. Aleister sometimes grabs drinks with his coworkers and likes to go hunting on his days off.

Player Journal

Aleister Van Wick

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