Anima Threshold

Young Blood, Old Wolf

The group tried to sort out the movement of the skin-stealing killer. Scott used his position at the school to ask about altercations between Ian Coen and Martin Lumly to track their movements. Aleister talked to the nearby spirits—a cockroach spirit feeding on Lumly’s corpse disintegration and an anger spirit following campus fights—and found that Lumly had been seen loitering around the bathrooms and showers. Jeremy found Lumly’s skin in the gym showers, carrying the scent of death and riddled with wolf hair growing from the inside out. They guessed that the sickly wolf was following Ian in anticipation of his first change.

Bentley broke into Ian’s dorm room to try to find something he could use to track him and dug up a shirt of his. Scott found a telephone bill with the name Sasha Coen on it and an off-dorm address. Scott realized that the bill was addressed to Ian’s mother at her home. Remembering that he had lost Ian’s scent in the parking lot, he decided Ian might have been picked up and taken home for a break after his angry outbursts.

The pack went to his home and cut off the exits after seeing Ian and his parents in their dining room. Aleister set up a sniping point on a nearby roof, Walt covered the back door leading out of the dining room, Jeremy took on the shape of a condor and fumbled with an upstairs window, while Scott and Bentley approached the front door intending to separate Ian from his parents under the guise of concerned college staff. Scott distracted the father, Rudy, while Bentley told Sasha to lock herself in her room upstairs with the added power of a Dominance gift; she passed Jeremy’s bird form coming out of her son’s bedroom on the way to doing Bentley’s bidding.

Ian seemed concerned with the interruption of family dinner and found himself on the business end of a Bentley headlock. Scott pulled out a syringe filled with sedative—borrowed from Aleister—and failed to get the drop on Rudy, who fought back with gusto. After a heavy brawl that destroyed the dining room, left Rudy in tattered and sedated, and triggered Ian’s first change directly into Kuruth, the pack moved quickly to pick up the pieces. Walt used a Technology gift to wipe out the recording ability of a neighbor’s cell phone, Aleister destroyed the blood left in the dining room using ammonia, Jeremy confirmed that Ian’s father had been replaced by the—now dead—skin-stealer, and Scott brought his truck around to load up the fallen combatants.

At that time, Bright-Eyes told Aleister that the Pure had arrived in the territory and were heading their way. Frantically dashing to escape with their quarry intact, they heard a piercing howl and saw the silhouette of a man staring down their vehicle. Elder Wolf was finally making his presence known. Scott tried to brake and avoid collision, but Elder Wolf tossed the truck into a telephone poll like it was a toy. Everyone was unconscious but Jeremy—who flew over head in condor form—Aleister and Walt. Aleister tried to shoot the Elder Wolf and was beaten into Kuruth, which sent him fleeing. Walt was tossed around like a rag doll while Jeremy was pinned after getting off one strong bite. Elder Wolf offered Jeremy and the rest of the pack one chance at survival: they had to give him Ian Coen and the corpse of what he called the “skin wolf”. Not in much of a position to argue, Jeremy assented. The rest of the local Pure pack fell in and gathered up the Coens before heading into the night. After forcing Scott’s truck back to life, the pack gathered Aleister and sputtered to the chop shop to dispose of the truck and count their blessings that they were still alive.



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