Anima Threshold

Ritual and Extermination

The pack approached members of another local pack in order to speak to their rite master, a woman named Kathy. They were warned that she had a general bias against men. She invited them into her home and gave them tea, while listening to their stories and agreed to perform the rite of healing for Walt and Aleister in exchange for a future favor to be determined. Taking them to her basement, which had a pantry full of ritual materials, she performed the rite. Aleister opted against spending his own essence to fuel the right. Kathy also performed the rite of the spirit brand for Bentley, to recognize his newly-earned glory from his battle with the Pure werewolf Jessica. Finally, she agreed to teach Aleister the ritual for banishing a human from the Shadow, in order to aid in his attempts to save the missing locals from Trade Street.

Having recovered, the pack members went and sought out essence from various loci known to them, having negotiated for it from the spirits in the surrounding areas. Then, they set about trying to find the abductees from the Trade Street area. Having found a missing person flyer in that area, Bentley called the number and talked to a paranoid man who claimed that his friend had disappeared soon after speaking to a missionary woman from a local shelter.

Investigating the spirit world they found that it was so full of spider webs that they could hardly peer across the gauntlet to see the area’s Shadow. The webs seemed to be focused near the bus station. They happened upon the man in the flyer outside of the bus station while looking for the woman who last saw him and tried to corner him in the bathroom there, but he caused enough of a scene that a police officer got involved and Bentley had to use a Gift to win their release from the situation. One of the gaping bystanders, they noticed, was the woman from the shelter.

Later, they returned and found the man sneaking into the bus station to meet the shelter woman. They attempted to sneak in themselves and Aleister caught the man’s notice, then opted to shoot the glass door out with his shotgun. Bentley found his way into the bathroom and noticed spider webs filling one of the stalls, encasing some sort of mass. Meanwhile, Aleister had entered a brawl with the man and woman, quickly joined by Walt and followed soon after by Bentley. The woman attempted to scurry away along the walls and ceiling as the man bit into Aleister’s face multiple times with poisonous mandibles. The pack tore into them and realized their skins were husks exploding with spiders, which attempted to scurry away.

They heard sirens approaching and quickly attempted to eradicate any evidence of their presence, especially the camera system, before escaping into the Shadow…

… Where they found a den full of lost people webbed up, some of them bursting with spidery masses. Aleister—in dalu form—sprang into action and began to exorcise the humans from the spirit realm using his newly acquired rite, saving eight out of eleven from being overwhelmed by swarms of spiders.

They tore apart the webs and found another egress from the Shadow. Walt and Aleister went back to see what the police had discovered and saw a familiar E.M.T. named Stash. Aleister approached to speak to him in his human form and Stash immediately reacted to the poisoned bites on his face. The woman in Stash’s care took a long look at Aleister and began to shriek upon recognizing him from minutes before. Confronted with a human who had seen him in the Shadow and now in multiple of his werewolf forms, Aleister’s mind slipped (failed Harmony roll for exposing humans to the existence of werewolves, and development of irrationality derangement) as he began to rationalize the situation. After all, it wasn’t his fault he tried to save the woman. Better than if he had tried to kill her, at least, wasn’t it?



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