Anima Threshold

Pure and Pest Control Plans

The group finally knew where the Pure were entering the territory and came to the quick conclusion that the Azlu were closing off the locus entry point from detection. The pack got together with members of the Leaning Fortress and Zathu Dulesh’na: Three-Talons, Mega, Vera, and Kathy. Mega was looking worse for wear after a run-in with Elder Wolf. They discussed the Elder Wolf problem in detail. Not only was he responsible for terrorizing the spirit world, he had killed Walt’s entire pack and severed Three-Talons’ arm the last time he blew through town.

The consensus was that he was powerful enough to take on any pack by himself, regardless of the other Pure he had taken leadership of since his arrival. However, he was also clearly toying with the local Forsaken in his attempts to accomplish whatever he was after. Aleister Van Wick informed them that he was Elder Wolf’s son, which raised some eyebrows. Scott Larson came to the conclusion that the best way for the pack to be able to take him on would be to first deal with the Azlu problem. The only way to safely do this, however, would be if the Pure were suitably distracted during the extermination.

Another benefit of taking the Azlu out of play would be to take the locus used to access the pack’s territory away from the Pure. The other packs had access to a ritual that would allow the pack to put the locus to sleep, cutting off that entrance. Kathy was concerned about the Pure having the ability to access a bridge between loci, because traditionally the Forsaken were the only ones with this ability as it was taught to them by the Lunes.

The other packs were agreeable to distracting Elder Wolf while the pack cut out the Azlu incursion, but warned that they would need to make it quick and have a solid plan. Every moment spent distracting Elder Wolf was likely to bring death. Walt Steiner recommended reconnaissance on both sides of the Gauntlet before making any sort of head-on assault. The pack discussed using traditional exterminator tactics, heavy gun fire, literal fire, government agency involvement, and other possible methods. Acids that break down organic compounds in tandem with the heavy gunfire were considered the most effective way to ensure no one of the Azlu would escape. Everyone was in basic agreement about how to proceed, in theory.



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