Anima Threshold

Pack Mates and Pit Falls

As Aleister, Bentley, and Walter were attacked at their respective homes by what seemed to be Latino hit squads a new comer to town, Jeremy, Had just arrived and was speaking to the W-S PD about his new assignment. Drug and gun traffic had come to an abrupt halt before an incident at the local bus station. Said incident left the area somehow covered in spider webs, with the flayed skins of two people strewn out upon the floor, and somehow filled with confused witnesses that were not present upon officer arrival. While catching Jeremy up on these issues, word was received of two shootings in the area, one of which was at Aleister Van Wick’s home.

After hearing about the possible Gang activity and all the crimes that had been happening in the area, he went and looked at the death images left in the bus station on both sides of the Gauntlet. There were human and spider bodies as well as spiderwebs everywhere. After this investigation and uneventful calls to Aleister and Bentley’s phones by the police, who had them as suspects from the bus station murder crime scene, Jeremy the new detective was sent to see if there was any gang related activity.

Meanwhile, Bentley waited in a nearby wooded area in Urshal form for his wounds to heal and Aleister in Dalu hunted around for medicinal herbs to aid the healing process. When the calls from detective Byrne came in Aleister fearing a trace threw his phone as far as possible and hid in a near by tree waiting for the healing to take effect. Bentley—unable to use hands and having partially absorbed his phone—was unable to answer. When Jeremy arrived at Aleisters home, he was able to taste the blood left by Aleister’s wounds and track him into the woods. There was a tense conversation where the two shifted forms to show they weren’t enemies before deciding to call the packs alpha for instructions.

Walt answered the phone upset that Aleister had left the bodies of his attackers out in the open and in police custody. They agreed to meet at the locus they went to after their First Change; and, Walter got Bentley to move that way as well after phone contact was reestablished.

The group—after deciding they unanimously thought he was too frank with his thoughts—labeled Jeremy a dick, and further decided that the bodies being left to the cops was a terrible idea. Walter relayed his story of feeding the bodies to a cockroach spirit, which Bentley and Aleister thought was an excellent means of disposing of unwanted evidence. The group bantered a bit, filling Jeremy in on what was going on with the attacks and the dynamics as a pack before they decided to use the grass spirit as a means for body clean up. But the problem of Aleister’s military past posed a problem, they keep all soldiers’ DNA on file. So, Bentley and Jeremy left to speak with Mega—a hacking Uratha in north Winston—while Walter and Aleister spoke with the grass spirit to trade the bodies and blood at the scene for a more commanding presence at the nearby locus.

Bentley and Jeremy, after hearing that Mega found Bentley cute, stopped at the gym to see if they could get an edge dealing with her before the meeting. When they arrived at her small basement home, they were amazed by the large array of tech she had and how candid she was with secrets. They traded secrets including Bentley’s real name (Trevor Jacobs), what Walter traded, and Jeremy’s name to have Aleister’s military DNA file wiped.

Meanwhile, Walter and Aleister formed a plan to sneak in using Feet of Mist to conceal their movements after they caused a distraction to get the bodies to where the grass spirit could eat them. Aleister threw two rocks one at a house and another at a car setting off its alarm, distracting the police long enough to get the bodies. The grass spirit devoured them in an explosion of mold and decay while Aleister used create water to mark the blood, which was overgrown by grass in seconds.

Having completed this task the foursome went to the meeting with Troy, the vampire. On the way getting a leash so Aleister could come along and not be seen by the police who wanted him in questioning for all the strange happening in the area that he seemed to always be involved in. When they made it to Burke street, the Totem said there was an influence messing with his control of the birds in the area and the pack tracked using bird communication to a rooftop. There a flock of birds revealed a hobo-like man inhabiting in place of a bird watching the area. After he tried to flee, Aleister tried to catch it and Bentley was successful in threatening it down where it was questioned. However, the interrogation was somewhat inconclusive due to the directional language used to converse with the bird that merely answered in general terms.

It flew off, the pack moved into the old Morning Dew, and Troy met them upset by the lack of an actual bar being built. Aleister attempted to negotiate a deal with Troy to get him to help open a bar with them and stop harassing a ward of a neighboring pack, calling him out as a vampire. Troy was quite incensed by this notion and when Jeremy tried to find out what they were all talking about, further escalated the issue and Troy attempted to leave. In the chaos, Bentley attempted to save the bar idea and Mary’s safety—admitting that the pack were all werewolves—by offering Walt’s and his own father’s money as investments. Troy begrudgingly agreed and left. The pack then using Jeremy’s police ties decided to look at the problem from Mary’s side to see if she could be persuaded in case the unlikely bar was not to come to fruition and her rescue.



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