Anima Threshold

Introductions and Changes

Aleister mostly keeps to himself. A paramedic living in Winston-Salem, he sometimes watches over his uncle’s cabin in Pilot Mountain—when it is rented out to the occasional local looking for an outdoors experience—where he can hunt and fish in peace. Bentley Davenport is the life of the party, wherever that party may be. It just so happens for Bentley and his friends that the party is a raging kegger at a cabin he rents from some dude he went to high school with back in the day when he had a lame name his parents gave him.

Bentley and Aleister both are seeing some weird things. The former is seeing trees move like they were alive while the biggest wolf you ever saw is following the latter around, and both of them get the weirdest feeling when they touch that cane with the silver bird’s head for a pommel that Mr Steiner left behind before he took off. It gets worse. There’s some sort of creature that keeps popping up that only they can see. Like a cross between a bird of prey and a big cat, it howls at them like it means to do them damage.

That girl Jessica is acting odd. Not just slutty like she normally does, but downright eerie. Maybe it’s the full moon making her be so crazy. Either way, she says someone is special at the party and to prove her point she took a bite out of Nick. Around that time the bird-cat thing chased Aleister inside and started trying stalking around the grounds. Jessica turned into a big wolf-looking thing and everybody went crazy. Hard to remember, but she and that bird-cat chased Aleister and Bentley down before they came to in their respective hiding spots.

Bentley was changing. That giant bite he took to the head was healing pretty quickly, all thing considered; and, come the next gibbous moon he started seeing things differently. Aleister was keeping an eye on him when it went down and he changed, just like the woman Jessica had several nights past. He called Walter Steiner to ask if that cane was messing with their minds or something and was surprised to find Walter was outside his house, saying he would explain later. They drugged Bentley with a sedative and then cornered him in the movie theater lobby he was trashing. When Aleister hit him with the cane it left the deepest welt he had ever seen on a body and gave Walter a chance to subdue him.

Walter told them they had both been living a lie, that they were werewolves and that life was going to be different now. When it came time for Aleister’s change under the crescent moon, they made sure he was thoroughly held down with rope and chain.



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