Anima Threshold

Initiation and the Shadow

They had been introduced to other werewolves, who called themselves Uratha. Bentley had chosen to join the Storm Lords, a testament to his self-assurance against weakness. Aleister became one with the Hunters in Darkness, the better to hone his hunting instinct and protect what was his. In order to help them on their way, the other local packs gave the new pack some of the downtown territory that they had not been able to pay close attention to lately and fashioned them some tools to aid in the process of maintaining said territory. Bentley had fashioned for him a Mask of Life fetish from a pair of Ray Bans, the better to keep anyone from witnessing physical weakness on his part. Aleister chose to accept a Spirit Drum fetish to help ease his interaction with local spirits and a few Storm Bullet talens to make his hunting more effective. The burgeoning pack had formed around the crow spirit totem Bright-Eyes-Clarion-Call on the condition that the more experienced Walter Steiner joined them. He also bestowed upon them the abilities of increased occult knowledge and speech with bird spirits, along with a ban dictating that they leave him shiny objects weekly in a prominent place.

Aleister then set about town marking the pack’s new territory while Bentley decided to meet the local spirits close to the bar scene with another local pack member, getting into a fight with an anger spirit residing at a pub known for its aggressive clientele. The fight went poorly when the spirit incensed other spirits against Bentley and he backed down begrudgingly.

Walter decided to show them some of the more interesting local spirits staying at the local hospital, including a kinship spirit hiding in the waiting room and a more powerful cancer spirit. They discussed the potential implications of the cancer spirit adding the kinship spirit’s nature to its own and spreading cancer among local families, which Aleister found unsettling. During the night they also moved back and forth between the physical world and the Shadow. They also practiced fighting against one another and healing wounds, taking on a bit of essence in the process to aid them.



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