Anima Threshold

Infiltrate and Confront

Bentley attempts to learn a new gift and upon meeting with a lune spirit in the form of a luna moth is told that he must earn greater renown in order to be taught the gift he seeks. It tells him to seek for a vision in order to find his path to further renown. He later sleeps and dreams of a luna moth suspended above a tree in front of the moon. The tree is next to the cabin where he first saw another werewolf and the cabin itself is dark. Finding himself inside, he sees a broken mirror in the bathroom and in its reflection is one of his friends who vanished the last night he spent here, screaming silently next to his ear.

The pack talks about his vision and the missing people from Trade Street. Bright-Eyes gives them access to some of his occult knowledge to interpret Bentley’s dream and they decide that the cabin is a good place to look for information. The decision is reinforced when Aleister realizes his uncle who owns said cabin hasn’t spoken with him since his change and can’t be contacted.

After walking from the outskirts of Pilot Mountain’s woods to the cabin, they find the area covered in spider webs. Entering the cabin to see the image of Bentley’s dead friend Jermaine being torn apart as he was on the night of his death, they quickly step back outside, find an old hickory tree, and cross into the Shadow. There, they hear a piercing shriek similar to Aleister’s and Bentley’s first spirit encounter, and are approached by a massive spirit with features of a lion and a bird of prey. Hiding, they hope to get the drop on it; but, it tears through the Shadow reflection of the porch and attacks Bentley. After a brutal fight, everyone is pretty badly injured—especially Walt.

Crossing back over, they are confronted by Jessica, another werewolf they have already met. She challenges Bentley to show his fighting prowess and he declines. Soon, her pack arrives and surrounds the area. They tell Aleister that they have driven from the territory an azlu—also known as a spider host—that had been sealing the local area away from the local gauntlet. He explains that he is looking for someone that disappeared in the area. The pack leader offers to allow Jessica and Bentley to fight and decide the consequences of the intrusion. Bentley narrowly wins as a flock of crows flies overhead and the pack breaks away in their direction. Fleeing back to Walt’s vehicle, everyone is pretty thoroughly battered, but Bentley has proven his glory in single combat.



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