Anima Threshold

Hallowed and Bedeviled

The bar was finally set to have its grand opening on Halloween Night with a masquerade motif. Paranoid of the possibility of the Pure crashing the party, Aleister opted to keep watch from across the street with Bright-Eyes. The party was jumping—due to all of the ground work laid out by the pack—and Bentley was in a good mood despite his grievous injuries from nights previous. Jeremy kept an eye out for familiar faces with a couple of his fellow off-duty officers, while Walt looked for spirit influences other than the gathering soaking up the resonance of the bar scene. Troy, the vampire, arrived and seemed pleased with the turn-out. The ground floor was crowded with random people and freely-flowing alcohol, the downstairs had a small dance floor, the upstairs was used as a V.I.P. lounge and the surrounding back exterior was roped off to contain the overflow from inside.

Bentley found himself talking to someone who smelled and looked like Aleister and asking him a lot of questions about their friendship. After bringing it up to Jeremy, they realized it might be a Pure using a Gift to take on Aleister’s appearance. They began trying to trace Aleister’s scent through the bar, while Aleister prepared to shoot anyone who looked like him from an adjacent rooftop. Jeremy was approached on the downstairs dance floor by a man dressed like Zorro who asked to speak with Bentley. It was Philip, and he explained his position as a moderate among the Pure who needed the pack to show their strength in order to justify him keeping his own pack at bay. Since they had allowed the Azlu to run so rampant and Bentley had violated his tribal vow by asking for his help, Philip had no choice but to allow his pack to attack them. They talked about the so-called Elder Wolf, and he admitted to there being some sort of family affiliation between the Elder Wolf and Aleister. He gave Bentley an envelope containing all of the evidence that linked him to the murder of Tashimoto, fulfilling his promise to make the situation go away. Bentley threatened to lay him out the next time he saw him.

Walt told Jeremy he had tracked the Aleister-scent to the lounge bathroom and was guarding the exit for him to deal with it as he pleased. Jeremy walked in and saw—not Aleister—but a one-eyed man he knew from his days in D.C. After a veiled threat to Jeremy he began to walk out before stopping, adjusting his posture and addressing him in a manner more familiar of Local-Trade. Jeremy told him he could take all the memories from this man, which piqued Local-Trade’s interest; though, he did say that he would have to give Jeremy the man’s memories of himself if he did not wish them to be bartered at a later date. Jeremy agreed, but after a word with Walt changed his mind and chased down the man inhabited by Local-Trade and tried to rescind the offer. Local-Trade told him he would have to offer something new if he wished to unmake such a powerful agreement. Jeremy told him he could take all memories of his son in place of making the man forget everything about him and moving on to a happy life. Local-Trade agreed. Aleister was prepared to shoot him, but Jeremy told him to back off. Then, Jeremy started drinking.

Aleister found the spirit Burke, inhabiting a large man dressed as a character from Fat Albert, and asked him what he knew about Local-Trade and the Elder Wolf. He learned that Local-Trade was selling what memories he had accumulated of Aleister in exchange for protection from the Elder Wolf’s wrath. The Elder Wolf had a tendency to enter a territory, take over the strongest Pure pack of the area, and lay waste to whatever enemies he felt the need to destroy, spirit or otherwise. Burke believed that the only reason he had not wiped out the local Forsaken was because Aleister was the Elder Wolf’s own son. Aleister took the news strangely. He put his phone and keys on his car and took off for his uncle’s cabin in Pilot Mountain.

Some of the members of the other local Forsaken packs had gathered to acknowledge the accomplishments of the group and discuss the future. Jeremy and Walt addressed their concerns about the Elder Wolf, which the other members understood quite well. Last time he had been in the area, Walt’s entire pack was killed and Three-Talons from the Leaning Fortress earned his name in the battle with Elder Wolf. They admitted to having spent a great deal of energy trying to keep him out of the city limits, which had ultimately failed for reasons unknown. There was discussion of something Aleister had seen in the Shadow, a moonbow touching one of the loci. Kathy offered that in some Forsaken groups was held the ability to travel between loci by binding them together with a sort of bridge, but none of them had ever known the Pure to have this ability.

The packs all agreed that the Elder Wolf problem needed to be addressed, but the group was effectively on their own until they could strengthen their territory enough to repel the Azlu and act from a position of strength.



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