Anima Threshold

Favors and Addiction

Kathy called in her marker. She described a man popular in the social scene who appeared often at night with different tattoos and a crowd of imitators. She wanted him dealt with so that he would stay away from a certain women’s shelter and a girl there named Mary. Kathy did not give much else in terms of information, but she trusted that the pack ought to be able to find them if they pooled their talents.

Bentley hit up some friends looking for a way to make money and was given a package of illegal material to trade to a man in the music bar called the Garage. Aleister called him and realized that Bentley was heading to the same bar that his quarry was known to hang out. The pack met up outside the bar and exchanged notes. Bentley got everyone into the Garage and used a Gift to get the bartender to give him a free beer, met with his associate, and made the exchange. Walt and Aleister looked around for the man, finding a bunch of drugged out socialites wearing tattoo sleeves circling around a man with very real and extensive tattoos on his arms. Aleister had Bright-Eyes search for any local spirit activity and found that an addiction spirit was floating about, though Bright-Eyes did not want to stick around because of the many flashy distractions in the bar. When the man made to leave, Aleister followed and noticed a cop eyeing him suspiciously. He confronted him and was told to move along and mind his business. Walt followed the addiction spirit and Bentley asked the stragglers about the man—whose name was Troy—and his whereabouts. Nobody knew for sure where he would be, but a friend of his named Philip was going to be at an after party.

Philip was a pretty boy who seemed welcoming to Bentley and asked him about his plans to build up a new bar, telling him he needed to plan it out. When asked about Troy, he said that Troy stayed in a lot of places and was hard to get ahold of during the day. Walt let the rest of the pack know where the addiction spirit ended up—one of the more run down neighborhoods on Silas Creek Parkway.

The pack followed the spirit into the Shadow and found it surrounded by an ethereal trail of blood and needles. Upon seeing the spirit itself, they found that it looked like a rippling curtain of flesh and moaning mouths. They approached it and asked about Troy. It could only say that where Troy went, addiction followed, and that it was pleased to not need to exert its influence directly to get a consistent flow of essence. It also warned that it would be displeased if he were to cease creating essence for it to feast upon.

Re-entering the physical world, they tried to sneak into the cellar of the house Troy had entered; but, Bentley fell through the brittle wood of the stairs and made a huge racket. He saw a silhouette descending the stairs into the basement and bolted, joined shortly by the rest of the pack. They decided to approach Troy very carefully next time.



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