Anima Threshold

Cancer and Libation

Bentley put out feelers to get advice for starting a successful bar. Since he is not a numbers guy, he tried to dig into the logistics with a local bar owner. After a few drinks he noticed his companion acting strangely, ridden by a spirit. Said spirit urged its host to ask him for a libation as chiminage to secure endorsement for his business.

Meanwhile, Aleister was investigating the hospital he works at to understand the influence of the cancer spirit he encountered there. He noticed the kinship spirit sitting with a family, its influence extending to them and a patient in a nearby room. The patient happened to be Amy, apparently the only other survivor of the cabin massacre who lost her boyfriend Jermaine along with all of her friends. Seeing Aleister, she assumes he is there to run tests on her and tells him that on top of everything she has brain cancer.

Aleister finds the cancer spirit and confronts it about its attachment to Amy and got little result from trying to get it to back down. He also noticed the spirit subtly influencing the lights in the cancer ward. He has become worried that the cancer spirit is not only likely to grow out of control by devouring other spirits, but that it is directing its influence maliciously against the pack.

Aleister and the rest of the pack decide to shut the cancer spirit down, splitting up and approaching the problem from different directions. Walter follows the cancer spirit, tracking its movements, learning its name is Rotting-Heart and that it sometimes leaves the cancer ward when following a favored host to the disease. Aleister speaks to local spirits attempting to understand its ban and learns that it vanished for an extended period when the host it was riding died with the spirit fettered to its flesh, conjecturing that this might be connected to Rotting-Heart’s ban. Bentley followed Amy and tried to get her to open up about her cancer symptoms to find any connection between Rotting-Heart’s influence and her illness and found that she might be under its influence during their meeting.

Calling Aleister, Bentley shares what has happened and Aleister guesses that Amy is being ridden by Rotting-Heart. The pack gathers with a slightly intoxicated Amy and Aleister cuts off her circulation enough to knock her out (earning a Willpower point for succumbing to his Vice of Wrath). They then take her to the hospital where they fast-talk their way into using an examination room. They call upon Peter, the Ithaeur of another local pack, to help them coax Rotting-Heart from Amy and into a plant, which they then burn into cinders. Rotting-Heart vanishes, knowing what happens to spirits who ignore the warnings of this pack.



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